Unexplainable Paranormal

by Mary

I was doing a reading for my daughter's friend, who was a client for my daughter's law firm where she worked as a legal assistant.

We were in at my daughter's house; I was reading the tarot at first, when I felt drawn to a wall in the room. I saw visions of a man whom the client said described her deceased father. Then I suddenly started to lower my head towards the table we were sitting at, my voice started to lower dramatically, almost male sounding. I went into a trance state and only came out of it when I heard "her head is on fire"

...all this was told to me by my daughter and her friend. Once I saw the visions of the father on the wall I don’t recall anything until I woke out of the trance.

They saw a flame appear on top of my head. I woke out of the trance, screamed, ran to the sink and threw water upon my head and ran home. - I lived down the block from my daughter's house.

Later they told me I gave valuable information concerning money related to her father.

I have had many other strange experiences with the spirit world.

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