About Casting Spells

You had better know all about casting spells BEFORE you dabble! Because what you put out - good or bad - comes back - multiplied! 

The Good and the Bad of Casting Spells 

Energy manipulation is the crux of spell casting. Good spells (and spell casters) operate on the occult principle that by saying a thing is true, it is. After a spell is completed, “for the highest good of all concerned”, the intention will manifest on the physical plane.

Words and thoughts used in spell casting have specific vibrations, which influence the type of mental energy the practitioner will project. For instance, someone who uses harmful (bad) spell casting attracts “bad luck”. When demonstrations, (spells) are powered-up with positive energy, with the intention of doing good or helping the requestor, good luck will be attracted.

Spellworkers must assume the responsibility of never using magical powers to harm another living being or control their free will.

About Casting Spells of Good and Bad Natures

About Casting Spells of a Good Nature

  • Attract lucrative job or get promotion.
  • Find love.
  • Attract money quickly.
  • Attract new, qualified customers for business owners.
  • Relieve stress.

About Casting Spells of a Bad Nature

  • Make specific person fall in love with you.
  • Cause husband to leave wife, vice versa
  • Project revenge toward another person
About Casting SpellsAbout Casting Spells

About Casting Spells for Yourself

Can be good if you’re anxious to get busy spell casting. I suggest you try to manifest something abstract, such as becoming a more positive person, letting go of harmful habits, etc.

Not so good if you attempt to manifest something physical, your mind will chatter and try to imagine where the object, such as a new home or car, will come from. How will it find you? You’ll probably lose focus and wonder how this spell stuff works.

Can be good if your mind is disciplined and if you’re certain you won’t cast bad spells, practice a few simple spells.

In most cases for beginners wanting to attract something significant it is usually best to find a psychic mentor, who is experienced in casting good spells.   

About Scamming Spell Casters

Unfortunately the internet is rife with spellworkers who want nothing more than all the money in your bank and give nothing in return. Their names even sound fake, such as Dr. Oboojubo or Rev. Goldfoot. Seriously?

Their email addresses and websites change frequently. Or, they operate out of P.O. Boxes and use prepaid telephones. Beware of anyone using a Dr. or Rev. prefix and also stay clear of the old "satisfaction guaranteed or your money refunded" lark.

The scammer and your money will depart by the time you realize the spell you ordered was never cast. Or even worse cast with negativity on your behalf! Remember - what you put out bounces back multiplied. 

About Reputable Spell Casters

Listen to your intuition. Compassionate, professional spell casters are always kind, never intimidating. They may request your date of birth and/or picture, but will not ask for your social security or bank account numbers.

Trustworthy spell casters should provide picture proof that your spell was completed. And most importantly they will NEVER request more money to complete your spell.

About Spell Casting Requests

There are so many reasons for the desire to cast a spell that transforms a wish into reality. Here is a list of the main reasons we are asked to cast spells for you. Note - some are not good reasons! Can you tell the good from the bad?

1 - Love Spells

I want to attract my true love

I want to be married

I want to have more passion in my life

I want to repair a broken relationship

I want to heal my broken heart

I want a loving relationship

I want to find my soul mate

I want to end a bad relationship

I want . . .  to be enchanted with me

Money Spells

2 - Money Spells

I want to be wealthy

I want to receive a financial windfall

I want to win the lottery

Sex Spells

3 - Sex Spells

I want strong and powerful sex with . . . :

> Male and Female

> Female and Female

> Male and Male

> Transgender and Male

> Transgender and Female

> Trans and Trans

> Orgy

Friendship Spells

4 - Friendship Spells

I want to be best friends with . . . 

I want to repair my friendship with . . . 

I want to have new friends

I want to have more friends

Physical Spells

5 - Physical Spells

I want to lose weight

I want to gain weight

I want fertility

I want to be pregnant

I want a fit body

I want to appear beautiful

I want healthy skin

I want to quit smoking

I want to quit drinking

I want to heal . . . 

I want to be healthy

I want vibrant energy

Protection Spells

6 - Protection Spells

I want to be protected

May . . . be protected from harm

I want to be shielded from the negative energy of  . . .

I am safe in a bubble of white light

I want to ward off evil

I want to be left alone

I want to be safe from another’s curse

I want psychic protection

Luck Spells

7 - Luck Spells

I want to make a charm lucky

I want to win  . . .

I want good luck

I want magic to happen in my life

I want to be fortunate

I want to feel like a lucky person in real life

Truth Spells

8 - Truth Spells

I want to know the truth about . . .

I want  . . . to know the truth about me

I want the truth to come out

I want to keep the truth hidden

Career Spells

9 - Career Spells

I want a new job

I want to get this particular job

I want a raise in pay

I want a promotion

I want a long holiday

I want a successful business of my own

Dream Spells

10 - Dream Spells

I want to remember my dreams

I want to sleep deeply

I want answers to come in my dreams

I want to meet with . . . in my dreams

I want my dreams to come true

Black Spells

Black Spells - About Casting Spells with Negative Energy

Do Not cast BLACK Spells  (At some point the dark and negative spells will ALWAYS backfire on the instigator and so are not recommended)

I want them to break up

I want revenge for . . .

I want the pain felt by . . .

So please make sure you don't mess with your Karma when you cast a spell!

More About Casting Spells

More About Casting SpellsAbout Casting Spells Successfully

About Casting Spells Successfully  - the 5 Key Elements

1 - Passion:

2 - Spiritual Foundation:

  • All successful spell casting comes from a powerful, spiritually driven, foundation. Sayings like ‘what goes around – comes around’, ‘what you give out - comes back multiplied’, and other variations on the laws of karma, all highlight the importance of non-infringement of others. Your spell casting must be pure of heart at all times. If you can’t get your negative emotions out of the way then you will need to employ a psychic with a solid spiritual foundation who can.

3 - Belief:

  • First you must believe there is a solution to your problem even if you don’t know what it is yet. And then you must believe 100% in your ability to cast magical and enchanted spells. If you have an inch of doubt then you ought to employ someone who believes in their spell casting powers absolutely.

4 - Secrecy:

  • The element of secrecy is paramount to your success. If you need to chat with another about what you are up to you may as well forget it. Thoughts are things and words are thoughts with wings. You don’t want your potency to fly away. If you are employing a spell caster check to make sure he or she is bound by the magic of secrecy.

5 - Knowledge:

  • The ancient knowledge of how spells work and knowledge of which powerful and mystical components to use in your spells can be found in traditional witchcraft and some rare master bloodlines. If you are in need of life changing results and you don’t yet have the knowledge – best employ a truly knowledgeable spell caster until you do.

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