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Here's the great way of advertising for psychics that can really work wonders for you. Promoting yourself effectively on is achieved with a free advertorial page. 

About My Free Advertising For Psychics

When I publish your free advertorial page, it is listed in the psychic search engine, pinged out by RSS and announced across my social media network.

I get a lot of traffic on this website. According to Alexa, I’m in the top 'half percent' of all websites on the internet (and I rank very high as a famous psychic website as well). 

Solo Build It! Results

Advertising for psychics on this site can improve your own website's rankings by receiving an inbound one-way link to your site. Or if you use one of the main psychic service providers I may be able to place a free link direct to your profile providing you with a highly targeted audience. 

The Best Freelancing Psychic Jobs and Opportunities

(f you are not yet set up as a reader you can go to this page for more help.

Best Freelancing Psychic Jobs and Opportunities. Helpful advice for real psychics to turn professional. Learn to live an authentic life as a Psychic Solopreneur. I’m going to show you how to do that. In fact, I’m going to show you exactly how “I” do it.

So what is an advertorial promotion on ?

You will need to provide an exclusive article (must not be published elsewhere on the web) about the benefits of using your service or product. This is not a blatant advert; your Psychic Guest Post needs to provide something interesting to attract the reader to the page.

Advertising Psychic Services

Here’s what you want to achieve.

You want to attract new clients to you, this is achieved by providing some information that is:

  • Unique
  • Valuable
  • and Interesting

Whatever you do, don’t just copy and paste what you have written already on your own website or your network's reader profile page. Duplicate content is penalized by the search engines, it will do you no good, and I will not publish it!

Be prepared to give freely of yourself. If you try to manipulate your content by holding back on the gems and insights you have, it will severely weaken your article.  

By providing real value in your psychic guest post you will pull the interest to you.

Examples of Free Advertising For Psychics As Guest Posts

Love Numerology Forecasts

Just as astrology can reveal compatibility between signs, Numerology can reveal you and your partner’s prospective future using numbers! You can learn how to do your own love numerology forecast with a few calculations and some intuition here.

Psychometry Readings

Ascertaining information about an object (or person that has a connection to an object) from the past are psychometry readings. My experiences show that it’s like threads of varying intensities that attach to an object over time leaving a doorway to the past.

Master Numerologist - John Scarano

Do you know what motivates you and what your true potential is in this lifetime? The answer lies in the numbers that you cannot escape from in this lifetime. Master Numerologist - John Scarano can assist you in realizing that potential.

Tarot Card Reading Secrets

The magical attraction to the mystery of tarot cards across the population of the entire planet is astounding. Now the incredible, fascinating and unbelievable, off the record tarot card reading secrets, of celebrity psychic Peter Doswell, can be revealed.

Guidelines For Psychic Advertorials

Please consider these guidelines when advertising for psychics on this site.

These advertising guidelines for psychic services apply to all Psychics, Astrologers, Clairvoyants, Tarot Readers, Crystal Ball Readers, Palm Readers, Psychic Healers, and Charmed Spell Casters, who may want to promote their services here.

  • You must not exploit vulnerable members of society or mislead them.

  • You should offer your services as a way of helping the client help him/her self to personal improvement.

  • Your adverts must not offer a guarantee (unless you can prove it)

When is advertising for psychics needed?

Your market changes constantly. Life contains drama for most people at one time or another. Relationships begin or end, careers progress or decline, fortunes boom or bust – in short, life evolves and you need to expose your insightful abilities to connect at these points of life change.

Studies show advertising for psychics in all economies produces customer loyalty and long-term competitive advantages. So consider marketing continuously to keep pace with your competition. Psychic services are required in the heat of the moment and if your details are not seen at that time another advisor’s will be.

The Internet is now the mainstream mass-market medium for advertisers and paranormal business is no exception. You really should be going online to reach your customers. 

Free Psychic Advertorials

Post Your Free Psychic Advertorials Here

Do you want to talk about the psychic realms? Do you have a metaphysical story to share? There are many sections on this site for you to submit your articles. Post Your Free Advertising For Psychic Here

Paid Advertising For Psychics

The Paid Options Available For Psychic Advertising On This Site Are:

  • TOP10 = A Banner or Text Ad running on each of my Top 10 highest traffic pages is US$200 per month* (Discounted to US$2,000 paid for 12 months*). I can create the banner if you wish.

  • ADVERTORIAL = A full page article/guestpost/advertorial with one followed link is US$15 per month* (US$150 annually*) for as long as you run the ad. After that the copyright and full article becomes property of to be retained and edited or removed at my sole discretion.

Sample Banner in Responsive Container
Paid Advertising Options

You Can Cancel
Your Advertising Subscription
Via PayPal At Any Time

* When advertising rates increase, YOUR rate will remain the same for the life of your subscription.

  • Your own affiliate program will be considered based on relative niche and the platform, plus registration and conversion terms of the campaign you offer. 

  • Google Ads can be targeted for Top 10 highest traffic pages or full run of site. 

After payment or if you have advertising questions please contact me by completing the form on this page
Start the conversation with [Advertising For Psychics]

Featured Psychic Advertorials

What Is A Psychic Medium And How Can One Help Me?

What Is A Psychic Medium And How Can One Help Me?
- By Barbara Psychic Medium

I’m often asked what a psychic medium is as compared to regular psychics and clairvoyants. A medium is able to communicate with your deceased loved ones as well as your spirit guides on your behalf. A psychic just tunes into you and your questions. I can embrace all.

How To Become A Successful Psychic Webmaster

Have you heard the cliché ‘do what you love and the money will follow’, and then wondered HOW? Do you share my passion for the paranormal? 

As a genuinely successful Webmaster in the psychic world, I’m happy to share with you what I've learned. It’s easy for me to show you how to turn your knowledge into revenue just as I have done. Anyone with motivation can do it. With a natural and powerful process and the tools that will work for webmasters with all kinds of interests, the following pages show you how to build a web business effectively and economically. It will not matter if you intend to be a webmaster of a psychic web site or if you intend converting another kind of passion into a business. If you are keen to build your own web presence further, I recommend Solo Build It (SBI). They've helped me and tens of thousands of people reach real success on the web.

Here's the simple know-how for building your own website of paranormal proportions.

Solo Build It! Results

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