Alpha Mind Power Training
For Your Psychic Development

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This alpha mind power training will help you immensely if you are trying to develop your psychic ability or you just want to improve your meditations.

Many psychics experience their ability from childhood, claiming to be able to see or talk to people others can’t see, or some other kinds of imaginary people or characters. 

What is alpha mind?

Up to the age of about seven years our brainwave frequency while awake is ALPHA (Alpha = 14 to 7 cycles per second when measured on an EEG: An Electroencephalogram is a brain wave test.) Most of us lose these abilities past 7 years of age as that is when our brainwave activity speeds up along with our intellect and thinking skills. Luckily, with a little training and understanding, we can slow down our busy minds. Calming down enough to access these states of mind is essential for developing your psychic ability.

Alpha Mind Power Training for Psychic Development

Those that maintain their psychic gifts into adult life manage somehow to easily drop back into Alpha and even Theta (7 to 5 cps) states. Most do this unknowingly I must add, but in doing so they keep and further develop their psychic skills.

The brain wave frequency of Alpha is the open channel to our subconscious, our imagination and creativity and to our sixth sense. The Earth’s heartbeat – known as the Schumann Resonance after the 1930s physicist Heinrich Schumann discovered the permanent standing wave in the atmosphere, (predominantly resonating at 7.8Hz)  between the Earth's surface and the ionosphere.

Alpha Mind Power Training Has Cosmic Synchronicity

 I find it an interesting coincidence that the zone of our psychic ability coincides with this alpha frequency of 7 to 14 Hz, and the heartbeat of the Earth at 7.8Hz. Right in the middle of the human alpha range lays the gateway to our psychic realm.

One of the best and most practical ways to develop your psychic ability is to learn the esp, meditation and relaxation skills in a Silva Mind Method Training or the like. Jose Silva the founder of the now world famous Alpha Mind Power Training said his original seminar was structured to teach Clairvoyance. He initially studied hypnosis in depth so as to help his daughter with her school studies. In 1949 he began helping his daughter Isabel. He would bring her down to a semi-hypnotic state (the Alpha-Level) and then while she was in this relaxed state José would read lessons and recite poetry and then test her recall.

First results were excellent because while in the semi-hypnotic Alpha Level we have direct access to our subconscious. So the information that Jose’s daughter Isabel had studied was easily recalled from the subconscious to the conscious mind.

Great! … But what also started to happen as she became at ease with with slipping into this altered state of mind was this. Isabel started to recall the poems that Jose had not yet read to her. She was one step ahead of him!

To quote Jose Silva. “It was hard to believe, but it was happening right in my own living room with my own daughter. Since I had read about Edgar Cayce when I was in the army and stationed near Bowling Green, Kentucky, where Cayce had lived, it made some sense to me. It also made me think again about all the research I had done about people who claimed to have been clairvoyant.”

Jose Silva continued to work with others to prove to himself that he had developed his Alpha Mind Power Training that would to bring out the clairvoyance in people. In the ten years from 1953 Jose Silva had trained thirty nine men, women and children to function as clairvoyants. From his regular Friday night get-togethers which continued to grow, the Jose Silva Method is now taught internationally through a network of Silva Mind franchises. Over 1 Million people have used Jose Silva's mind training techniques to help them build a healthier, happier and more fulfilling life. Although they are no longer targeted as psychic development training it is the very same process.

Psychic Brainwave Chart

If you can’t find a Silva seminar in your area there have been many offshoots from Silva’s original Alpha Mind Power Training work.

In 1963 Alexander Everett moved to the USA from England after being inspired by Silva's Alpha Mind Power Training. He went on to develop Mind Dynamics.

In Australia the Silva method inspired a seminar training called Alpha Dynamics. I was fortunate enough to work with Alpha Dynamics in Australia for several years in the 1980's. As well as seeing thousands of people awakened to their own inner gifts it also gave me a wonderful foundation to further develop my own psychic ability to a professional level.

These four-day training courses, under one name or another, caught on rapidly and continue to be taught throughout the world. As some of these training companies shut down many of the instructors went out on their own. They formed such seminars and courses as Inward Bound, Lifespring, Forum, Life Dynamics, Context Trainings, Lifestream, PSI World Seminars, Actualizations, Leadership Dynamics, Inner Wealth, Vasta Meditation, The Sedona Method, and many, many more.

In 2020 Vishen Lakhiani re-introduced The Silva Method to a whole new generation of personal growth students by publishing The Silva Ultramind System through his online training organization Mindvalley

Optimal Alpha Training

Watch The Preview For This Masterclass

How to Access Altered States of Mind for Inner Guidance

Tap into Alpha, Theta & Delta wave frequencies of the Human Mind to get into states of profound creativity, intuitive guidance, and even to create ‘coincidences’ to move your life forward.

What You’ll Learn When You Watch The Preview For This Silva Ultramind Masterclass

  • How to train yourself to achieve waking consciousness in various altered states so you can access previously uncharted areas of your mind. 
  • The 100-1 morning technique for staying at Deep Alpha so that you can access this unique brain-wave at ease in seconds for accessing deep Alpha levels for healing, calm & creativity. 
  • Apply the mental screen for advanced visualization. This simple mental technique has been used by pro-athlete students to win at competitive sports and make headlines.
  • Learn Silva 3-Scenes Technique. This refinement in Mental Visualization produces the best results when done in this unique 6 step way... fully shared in this class.

By the end of this masterclass you will understand the Alpha and Theta states of mind and how to use the Silva Psychic Ultramind Method in unique ways to shift your reality. Your daily practice of meditation, healing and manifesting will reach new levels.

 Enhanced Meditation Technology

For Meditation Made Easy - Choose Muse

For Meditation Made Easy - Choose Muse

Muse is a research-grade EEG device that passively senses your brain activity and translates it into the guiding sounds of weather to help you stay calm and focused. Busy mind? You will experience stormy weather. Calm mind? You will experience peaceful weather.

Muse connects to your mobile device via Bluetooth. Once connected, simply start the Muse Meditation app, put on your headphones, and close your eyes. Once your session is complete, you can review your results and track your progress.

The mind meditation sessions within the app are entirely free! Separate to that (under the green compass symbol) is an optional paid subscription with guided meditations and courses.

  • "I use my Muse EVERY time I meditate. I even just upgraded to the new Muse-S (somewhat expensive but I love it) I had many years in Alpha seminars in the late 80s, so have always been very much into my alpha and theta stuff. Only with Muse did I start being able to see and monitor when in these different mind states. I would say this new Muse-S is like having a meditation master in your head guiding you whenever you wanted the help.  This new one also trains and monitors in heart, body, and breath as well as the brain waves". - Ian @PsychicJunkieWebsite

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