The Aura Cleansing Spray That Sharpens Your Psychic Power

Can an aura cleansing spray help you to become a better psychic?

It's a big question, but by the growing popularity and recommendations for Vitali-Chi's superb range of aura sprays, the answer appears to be 'yes'.

Ian Parkin is the verified author of this advertorial.

Take their aptly named Super Psychic Aura Spray for example: It is said to strengthen the mind, body and soul, as it contains natural vibrational healing properties, Lemon & Patchouli Essential Oils. This is an Aura Cleansing Spray that heightens awareness and sharpens psychic sensitivity. Simply spray around you and the room for an instant awakening.

Vitali-Chi Have Super Psychic, Chakra Repair, And Aura Cleansing Sprays

However, you may also want to look at their best selling Super Aura and Chakra Repair Aura Spray, as this is designed to do what it says on the tin, well bottle. Super Aura & Chakra Repair Aura Sprays ground and protect you from psychic attack. This is an Aura Cleansing Spray that helps purify and repair the multiple auric bodies.  This Aura Spray also contains natural vibrational healing properties, retained in Bergamot, Bitter Orange and Patchouli essential oils to assists chakra function and repair. So, if you want to become a better Psychic, then this might be a good place to start.

For those of you looking for progression, then Advanced Soul is the one for you. This auric spray can change the mood of a room or person in seconds. Uplifting and thought inspiring. Assists evolving souls by purifying and dispersing lifetimes of auric debris. It can help open the heart to feel compassion, release attachment and connect with cosmic unity. This one contains the natural vibrational healing properties of Ho Leaf & Frankincense Essential Oils.

Aura Cleansing Sprays by Vitali-Chi

Find Vitali-Chi Aura Cleansing Sprays On Amazon-UK

Vitali-Chi Aura Cleansing Sprays are available in 50ml and 100ml bottles and if you buy more than one from their entire range, you save 25%. You can also make even greater savings by buying one of their Aura Spray bundles and all 3 above mentioned aura sprays can be found on Amazon-UK

By the way, the complete Vitali-Chi range are Hypoallergenic, Vegan friendly, Paraben free, and are NOT tested on animals - so I can foresee great things for you when you try them! 

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