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2014 Predictions

Capricorn Horoscope Junkie predictions for 2014 (born between December 22nd -January 19th)

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You’re in the Great Company of These Famous Capricorns:

Lady Bird Johnson, Cary Grant, Rudyard Kipling, Sir Isaac Newton, P. Yogananda, Louis Pasteur, Joan of Arc, Elvis Presley, Danny Kaye, Richard Nixon, Ava Gardner, Benjamin Franklin, Joan Baez, J. D. Salinger, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Barry Goldwater, Henri Matisse, Pablo Casals, Cassius Clay, Kit Carson, Joseph Stalin, Howard Hughes, ZorbaZiv, Nostradamus, Tiger Woods, Helena Rubenstein, Conrad Hilton, Carlos Castaneda, Marlene Dietrich, Rudyard Kipling, John Denver, J.R. Tolkien, Mel Gibson, Alan Watts, Al Capone, Dolly Parton.

To help in your 2014 achievements imagine being one of the above famous Capricorns in various situations you find difficult. How would you act in a certain scenario if you were an Al Capone or a Joan of Arc? This is a metaphysical way to call upon psychic Capricorn Oomph when you need it.

In 2014 you create your own success. Your positive attitudes and energy rub off on others. Your Capricorn horoscope see’s you inspire others to action just by being who you are and doing what you do.

Your Capricorn 2014  Horoscope for Career. An ideal year for leadership, perhaps building a team. Expand your horizons. If you are a Capricorn running your own business, then look at opening outlets or franchises. If you are employed (you ought to be in a management position – you are a Capricorn aren't you?) then use your energy to expand your area of influence.

2014 Capricorn Horoscope for Love sees you are admired and respected. If you are IN the relationship you will see the year bring you even closer. If planning a family, this year will certainly be one for new birth. For the single Capricorn your days of independence are numbered. Looking for love or not, it is going to find you.

Your Capricorn 2014 Life Path sees it may be time to turn what you do for fun into what you do for work. Accept and enjoy the opportunities that come from your past time pursuit. Following your passion this year will be your most clear signposts forward.

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