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What are the characteristics of a Sagittarius?

Traits and characteristics of a Sagittarius Horoscope Junkie are the need for freedom and independence. They crave adventure and excitement and welcome change with open arms. They will travel as far as road will go in search of knowledge and wisdom.

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Sagittarius Horoscope Junkie Dates, Traits and Personalities

  • Birth DatesNovember 23 to December 21
  • Mythology: The Centaur
  • Gemology: Garnet and Turquoise
  • Metallurgy: Tin
  • Colorology: Blue
  • Ruled By: Jupiter
  • Physiology: Tall, athletic creatures of perfect proportions with chestnut hair, dark kind eyes, large hands and long feet etc. There is a slight incongruence of being active but can lack stamina.
  • Characteristics: Two opposing characters can be found. Some Sagittarians can be quite animalistic in nature; indulgent, out for a good time, sporty, promiscuous, gamblers and at worst even criminal. While another breed of Sagittarian symbolizes all that is good in human qualities represented in the Centaur as Man overcoming his or her animal nature; law abiding with high morals, just, caring, spiritual and self aware.
  • Planets in the rising sign: Sun rising in Sagittarius brings good luck.
Traits Sagittarius Horoscope Junkie

Sagittarius horoscope sign - The Archer: November 23 to December 21

The Archer is the sign of the philosopher and the explorer. Freedom is so important to the Archer that they will actually make decisions based on the amount of freedom that is given by the choice they have made. Sometimes a good opportunity is turned down because of its high commitment need, but this is a good choice for them.

Governed by Jupiter, a planet which is symbolically associated with temperate qualities which loosen, relax and expand, Sagittarius Horoscope Junkies are also linked with the "element of fire," which represents outgoing, action-oriented energy that seeks spontaneous expression. As a mutable fire sign, governed by an expansive planet, the symbolic focus of the Archer is connected to the principle of exploration and evolution. Correspondingly, Archers are reputed to be drawn toward travel and philosophy, and to enjoy social contacts, meeting new people and exploring other cultures.


  • Idealistic – Friendly – Independent – Outgoing - Gregarious


  • Unemotional – Risk-Taker – Intolerant – Outspoken – Uncaring 


  • Element: Fire
  • Quality: Mutable
  • Polarity: Positive
  • Planet: Jupiter

Positive Traits

  • Optimistic and freedom-loving
  • Jovial and good-humored
  • Honest and straightforward
  • Intellectual and philosophical

Negative Traits

  • Blindly optimistic and careless
  • Irresponsible and superficial
  • Tactless and restless

Who Do Sagittarians Get Along With?

  • Superior Lovers: Aquarius - Libra - Leo
  • Inferior Lovers: Taurus - Scorpio - Cancer - Capricorn
  • Superior Friendships: Capricorn - Virgo
  • Inferior Friendships: Gemini - Aries

Sagittarius Women

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Eminent Personalities With The Sagittarius Horoscope Sign

Sagittarius Eminent Personalities

Who are some famous Sagittarius People?

As a Sagittarius Horoscope Junkie you are in the great company of these eminent personalities:  Frank Sinatra, Mary Martin, Julianne Moore, Walt Disney, Sir Winston Churchill, Mark Twain, Dick Van Dyke, Patty Duke, John Lindsay, Margaret Chase Smith, Pope John XXIII, Andy Williams, Connie Francis, Jane Fonda, J. Paul Getty, Scarlett Johansson, Sammy Davis Jr., Robert Vaughn, Katherine Heigl, Joe DiMaggio, Britney Spears, Caroline Kennedy, Joseph Stalin, John F. Kennedy Jr., Ozzy Osbourne, Charles De Gaulle, Ludwig van Beethoven, Samuel L. Jackson, Woody Allen, Steven Spielberg, Uri Gellar, Harpo Marx, Katie Holmes, Pope Francis, Andrew Carnegie, Bruce Lee, Ben Stiller, Jamie Foxx, Kirk Douglas, William Blake, Sinead O'Connor, Boris Becker, Kiefer Sutherland, Jon Stewart, John Malkovich, Miley Cyrus, Tina Turner, Jim Morrison, Mark Ruffalo, Christopher Plummer, Bette Midler, Taylor Swift, Nicki Minaj, Brad Pitt, Jamie Lee Curtis, Jane Austen, Scott Joplin, James Marshall "Jimi" Hendrix, Christina Aguilera, Arthur C. Clarke, Richard Pryor, Dame Judi Dench, Noam Chomsky,  Jeff Bridges.

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Sagittarius Horoscope Junkie Comments

Sagittarius Horoscope Junkies Are Truly Good People - by Natisha (Atlanta)

I find that Sagittarians are one of the most forgotten about of the zodiac because of our good hearts. We tend to think everyone sees the best as we do, but people don't like to be around us too long because were honest and tell you like it is. People don't understand us in the way we might come off as bossy, but we mean well. 

Honest - by Starr
Natisha, being honest and being frank are two different things. It is all about attitude. If you deliver the truth honestly with care, the response is much better. And they will listen to your direction. If you are just frank and don't care about the other person's feelings the response is hurtful and less likely to take your criticism. Allow yourself the chance to change them or help them to do or not do what you want. You will find life will be easier.

Sagittarius Children - by AstroKid (Sedona - USA)

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the great benefic planet, and it may be said generally that those who are born while the Sun is in this sign from November 23rd to December 22nd are well liked in the society where they move. They are of a hearty and jovial disposition, princes among men, hail-fellows-well-met, and their acquaintances are generally glad to see them. There are two very distinct classes born under this sign In the pictorial zodiac, Sagittarius is represented as a centaur, half horse and half man, and one class of those who come to birth under its influence are well described by the animal part thereof, for they are of a sporty nature, ready to gamble on the speed of a horse at long odds or to stake their last dollar on a game of cards. They are fond of a "good time right straight through" and their moral nature is of low grade, aptly described by the animal part of the symbol, so that they have no scruples with respect to the indulgence of their appetites, passions and desires. They are lacking in respect for both law and ordinary morals, hence they are often found among the criminal class. But those children of Sagittarius symbolized by the human part of the centaur, aiming the bow of aspiration at the stars, are as different from the above as day is from night, for they are extremely idealistic, moral law-abiding, noble characters who win the respect of society in general and particularly of all with whom they come into intimate contact. Therefore they become in time the pillars of society and often receive positions of honor and preferment in State or Church as judges or divines. They are very orthodox and conservative in their opinions and punctilious to a fault in their observance of all customs and traditions of the times wherein they live, but they are not progressive, for they value the opinions of their contemporaries very highly and are seldom induced to espouse any progressive ideas which might jeopardize the respect of the community enjoyed by them. They are firm believers in the necessity of red tape. Withal, however, they are charitable and benevolent, tender and sympathetic; they can always be relied upon to aid any altruistic movement, and through they are of a kindly nature and endeavor to avoid quarrels in their own behalf, they sometimes fight with great zeal and courage for others who have been injured and in whose behalf their sympathies have been enlisted, hence they make admirable lawyers. Sagittarian children are usually excellent conversationalists; they have quick and ready wit and are fond of indulging in oratory. Their exhibitions of memory and interesting way of relating experiences always hold the audience. They are very proud and have great confidence in themselves. 

When The Sun Shines On Sagittarius Horoscope Junkies  - by AstroKid 

Having the Sun in Sagittarius can give you lofty ideas and a noble aspiring disposition aiming to rise by raising others. It makes you benevolent, philanthropic and therefore beloved among your associates. You may often be the recipient of honors and appointments to positions of trust, and missions of a delicate nature, not could a better selection be made, for such people are the souls of honor.  For a typical Sagittarius Horoscope Junkie this position will also bring success in spiritual pursuits , law and statesmanship for it gives you an expansive mind fitted to grapple with the greater problems of life.

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