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What are the characteristics of a Gemini?

The traits and characteristics of a Gemini horoscope junkie are of being curious and enjoying mental exploration. They are almost always at ease in social situations. Geminis are considered by many astrologers as the most flirtatious in the zodiac.

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Gemini Horoscope Junkie Dates, Traits and Personalities

  • Birth DatesMay 22 to June 21
  • Mythology: The Twins
  • Gemology: Quartz Crystal and Aqua Marine
  • Metallurgy: Mercury
  • Colorology: Violet
  • Ruled By: Mercury
  • Physiology: Tall and slender with long arms, legs, hands and fingers. Dark hair, hazel eyes. With vivid and changeable facial expressions.
  • Characteristics: Acutely inquiring minds, a lack of persistence but very tactful. Although Gemini people are generally liked by all they can be shallow in their affections. Studious, scientific, well balanced yet can be improved by independent thought.
  • Planets in the rising sign: The Sun rising in Gemini brings out contentment, boosts persistence and energizes a healthy and active body. Mercury, the ruler, rising in Gemini, sharpens perception, inspires articulation and communication skills as well as impatience.
Traits Gemini Horoscope Junkie

The Gemini horoscope sign is Twins: May 22 to June 21

Geminis possess a talent for writing and reporting, and to enjoy all forms of 'talk', from gossip to political debate. On the negative, they are reputed to have "butterfly minds" which become easily bored. They may shift their allegiances in a way that lacks commitment or loyalty. They are also said to experience discomfort with the expression of deep emotion. For this reason, though praised for being quick and clever (smart), the Twins are also criticized for being elusive, fickle and ill-at-ease with emotional commitment. The Gemini horoscope junkie is always very liable to fall suddenly in (or out) of love. This characteristic persists throughout life and it applies to friendship as well as to those of a deeper nature. Even an elderly Gemini is quite likely to introduce you to 'a very close friend' with whom, in fact, he or she has only recently become acquainted. This can make life rather confusing for others, particularly if they take their Gemini lovers or friends seriously. A Gemini's love-making and expressions of affection are sometimes more ardent than their true feelings. As partners, though, pure Geminis are reasonably reliable - if their affections stray, it is not for long.

The Sun's transit through the sign of Gemini concludes at the moment of the summer solstice. Thus this sign is seasonally associated with the transition from spring to summer. Because its period indicates a change of season, Gemini is known as a mutable sign. For this reason The Twins describes an urge towards change and versatility, and an easy ability to adapt to the demands of the environment.


  • Adventurous – Extroverted – Adaptable – Agility – Amusing – Dexterity – Energetic – Clever - Imaginative


  • Detached – Devious – Superficial – Impulsive – Impertinent – Indecisive – Irreverent – Restless - Two faced


  • Element: Air
  • Quality: Mutable
  • Polarity: Positive
  • Planet: Mercury

Positive Traits

  • Adaptable and versatile
  • Communicative and witty
  • Intellectual and eloquent
  • Youthful and lively

Negative Traits

  • Nervous and tense
  • Superficial and inconsistent
  • Cunning and inquisitive

Who Do Geminis Get Along With?

  • Superior Lovers: Aries - Libra
  • Inferior Lovers: Virgo - Taurus - Cancer
  • Superior Friendships: Leo - Taurus - Scorpio
  • Inferior Friendships: Cancer - Pisces
Gemini Woman

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Eminent Personalities With The Gemini Horoscope Sign

Gemini Eminent Personalities

What famous celebrities are Gemini?

As a Gemini Horoscope Junkie you are in the great company of these eminent personalities:  Angelina Jolie, Elizabeth Hurley, Colin Farrell, Helen Hunt, Judy Garland, Prince Philip, Jean-Paul Sartre, Nicole Kidman, Richard Wagner, John F. Kennedy, Johnny Depp, John Wayne, Walt Whitman, Natalie Portman,Thomas Mann, Igor Stravinsky, Dean Martin, Leslie Uggams, Bob Hope, Sir Paul McCartney, David Rockefeller, Greg Kinnear, Hubert Humphrey, Richard Strauss, Joe Namath, Marilyn Monroe, Salman Rushdie, Morgan Freeman, Joan Rivers, Donald Trump, Jamie Oliver, Sir Author Conan Doyle, Queen Victoria, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Anne Heche, Joan Collins, Franz Mesmer, Joan Collins, Liam Neeson, Sir Laurence Olivier, Bob Dylan, Che Guevara, Christopher Lee, Vincent Price, Clint Eastwood, Sandra Bernhard, Nancy Sinatra, Tim Allen, Cole Porter, Jacques-Yves Cousteau, Salman Rushdie, Nichole Kidman, Barry Manilow, Björn Borg, Anna Kournikova, Lindsay Davenport, George Bush, Meryl Streep, George Best, Lionel Richie, Barbara Bush, Helena Bonham Carter, Tom Jones, Annette Bening, Norman Vincent Peale, Ian McEwan, Naomi Campbell, Mark Wahlberg, Michael J. Fox, Ian McKellen, Ian Fleming.

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Gemini Horoscope Junkie Comments

When The Sun Shines On Gemini  - by: AstroKid  (Sedona AZ USA)

Gemini is a Mercurial sign and third in the gamut, hence this position gives a blended influence of the Sun, Mercury and the Third House. This favors expression of Mercury for it is the planet which stirs the vocal chords and produces sound in the Taurean larynx. Sunny Taureans will also favor writing and travel because the mind is brightened by the Sun in Gemini and when it is necessary or expedient to travel you gain thereby physically and mentally. It gives you a pleasant, affable disposition which makes you generally liked among your associates.

Gemini Physiology - by  Daizie 

I am a Gemini Horoscope Junkie, and I am not tall, I am quite short, 5ft 1in, green eyes, blonde hair, we are all different, like everyone else, as there are many aspects in our charts, that give us our own unique look, and characteristics.

I Love My Horoscopes - by Remie de Mesa 

I believe in horoscopes and horoscope readings. I guess that makes me a  Gemini horoscope junkie too!  I am aware that we are connected to a higher power in the universe and that we can experience that power through our lives and also everyone wants to know what happens in the future.  I have seen by experience that many astrological predictions come true. I want to know my future to better prepare for what is to come and to keep my hope alive despite the bad times. Horoscopes have helped me a lot.

Gemini Children - by AstroKid  (Sedona - USA)

Gemini Children Born May 22nd to June 22nd - The children of Gemini are wonderfully quick-witted and bright; they also have the ability to express themselves clearly and to the point, therefore they are always good company. Conversation never lags when they are present, in fact they are sometimes given to monopolizing it entirely, but then they are often so interesting that other people are glad to listen. They acquire learning very rapidly and are very well informed on most subjects. They have a good memory so that what they have won is not lost, that is of course, provided the horoscope is otherwise well-aspected and configured. Where it is seriously afflicted we find the faults of the Gemini pointing in the opposite directions; then they may be inveterate chatterboxes, shunned by everybody who can possibly get out of their way. The great point to remember with these children is that they have the ability of expression and a great deal may be done during the days of childhood to mould the character in such a way that it expresses itself in a manner congenial to others and to the general benefit of the child and its surroundings, and that will be of help to it later in life. Gemini children are, generally speaking, of a very kind and affable disposition, easy to get along with. They are able to adapt themselves to other people and to circumstances so that they become all things to all men and in that way they usually make friends and few enemies. They are of a roving disposition and love to travel about from one place to another. They excel in scientific or clerical activities, as agents or representatives of others where their Mercurial talents find an avenue for expression. From the moral point of view it is not good to have a flexible nature. The children of Gemini are only too easily made victims of flattery and therefore apt to be led unconsciously into paths of wrong doing. It should be the aim of the parents of these children to hold before them the ideal of the straight and narrow path and emphasize the idea in their minds that that is never to be swerved from under any consideration. Gemini children are very high-strung and nervous and therefore they are easily worried and irritated, which is reflected in their actions and their bodily health. On that account parents with children born in this month ought to be lenient with them in their flashes of temper for they are very quick-spoken under wrath; they need a soothing answer rather than reproof, in order that they may be helped to overcome while they are young and to strengthen their moral constitution in that respect. When the horoscope of a Gemini child is afflicted there is very apt to be some disorder of the lungs and Gemini children will be much helped if they are taught proper breathing exercises and calisthenics. It will at least minimize the tendencies and may entirely overcome them. Gemini children usually grow very tall and straight. They are fine-looking people with a quick walk and brisk movements, and they may be either light or dark complexioned according to the placement and configuration of the planets.

Gemini Horoscope Junkie In Short - by Jo (Brisbane, Australia)

As a Gemini horoscope junkie I am easily bored. Frustrated by those who cannot keep up with me intellectually or conversationally. I love to debate any topic, often simply for the fun of it and the satisfaction of outwitting another. Gemini horoscope junkies are incorrigibly curious and worships knowledge for its own sake. They know at least a little about almost any topic imaginable. People born under this sign are adept at doublethink and somewhat prone to cognitive dissonance. Quick to become infatuated and just as quick to lose interest and move on to the next exciting hobby or interest. Gemini is full of ideas and loves to start new things, but rarely do they find the drive to see a project through to completion. Gemini horoscope junkies are quick-witted and bright. They love conversation and enjoy making people laugh. Being the center of attention is no problem for a Twin. They do not take themselves overly seriously. More so than other signs, Gemini will easily and naturally adapt to different people or situations. They tend to be popular or well-liked; on the other hand some people will find Gemini unbearably annoying. This sign is not unemotional, but can sometimes be seen as cold or emotionally distant by those closest to them. Their affections can change on a whim. Gemini children tend to have a flair for the dramatic and are prone to showing off. They will eagerly take the lead in group situations. Parents are advised to praise their Gemini child's effort and hard work rather than their natural cleverness, as this will go far in countering Gemini's laziness and lack of motivation.

Tweeter Scopes - by Sue (UK)

A Gemini horoscope junkie in love can sometimes appear to be cool and distant towards their partner but that is because they are usually deep in thought, they prefer to think hard before they act accordingly to any situation. Gemini despise impulsiveness though they can possess this very trait themselves. Gemini also has a nervous disposition, which they hide very well but they do enjoy new experiences and show enthusiasm in almost everything.

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