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What is a Scorpio's personality?

The personality profile of a Scorpio horoscope junkie is to be firm and somewhat proud. Their unmistakable traits of character can cause them to be either very much liked or very much disliked. These are the individuals who decide their own future.

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Scorpio Horoscope Junkie Dates, Traits and Personalities

  • Birth DatesOctober 24 to November 22
  • Mythology: The Eagle
  • Gemology: Topaz and Malachite
  • Metallurgy: Iron
  • Colorology: Red
  • Ruled By: Pluto
  • Physiology: Scorpios can have ark hair with a murky completion and angular face and large teeth. With bushy brows over sharp piercing eyes above a large and hooked nose and heavy jaw leaves the Scorpio looking much like the eagle of its mythology. The Scorpio body shape tends towards being short and thick set
  • Characteristics: Scorpio people always stand up for their rights, and never submit to imposition, through prone to ride roughshod over others. They can be worrisome individuals making them difficult to be around. Scorpio sarcasm can sting like a scorpion, yet their love is strong, and their aspirations lofty. Cool calm and collected, the male Scorpio can be heroic, possess a sharp mind and make good leaders, while the female Scorpio can handle a large family well.
  • Planets in the rising sign: Sun rising in Scorpio promotes love and mysticism. A Mars rising can turn the Scorpio rather skeptical.
Traits Scorpio Horoscope Junkie: (Oct 24 to Nov 22)

The Scorpio horoscope sign is the Scorpion: October 24 to November 22

People born with the sun in Scorpio are very determined, independent, reserved, tenacious and secretive. Their somewhat suspicious nature causes them to be distrustful. However amidst all their apparent negative traits of character, they have the determination which enables them to achieve greater goals than those born in the other signs. The Scorpio desires are potent and charged with the power to attain the object of their desires. But when their desires are subservient to the will, there are none more powerful or determined.


  • Loyal – Resourceful – Intense – Determined – Dynamic – Passionate – Intuitive – Secretive - Self-reliant


  • Jealous – Obsessive – Manipulative – Suspicious – Unyielding 


  • Element: Water
  • Quality: Fixed
  • Polarity: Negative
  • Planet: Pluto

Positive Traits

  • Determined and forceful
  • Emotional and intuitive
  • Powerful and passionate
  • Exciting and magnetic

Negative Traits

  • Jealous and resentful
  • Compulsive and obsessive
  • Secretive and obstinate

Who Do Scopios Get Along With?

  • Superior Lovers: Pisces - Capricorn
  • Inferior Lovers: Sagittarius - Aquarius - Leo
  • Superior Friendships: Virgo - Gemini 
  • Inferior Friendships: Aries - Scorpio - Pisces - Cancer - Capricorn
Scorpio Woman

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Scorpio Eminent Personalities

Scorpio Eminent Personalities

What celebrities are Scorpio?

As a Scorpio Horoscope Junkie you are in the great company of these eminent personalities:  Sally Field, Meg Ryan, Leonardo DiCaprio, Winona Ryder, Gerard Butler, Julia Roberts, Owen Wilson, Tatum O'Neal, Henry Winkler, Joan Sutherland, Pablo Picasso, Claude Monet,  Chiang Kai-Shek, Robert Louis Stevenson, Marie Antoinette, Martin Luther, Bobby Kennedy, Marie Curie, Petula Clark, Billy Graham, Rock Hudson, Jodie Foster, Jonas Salk, Prince Charles, Charles Bronson, Leon Trotsky, Bill Gates, Calvin Klein, Sarah Bernhardt, Burt Lancaster, Theodore Roosevelt, John Cleese, Art Garfunkel, Paul Simon, Joni Mitchell, Katherine Hepburn, Ryan Gosling, Richard Burton, Goldie Hawn, Neil Young, Eric Dane, Grace Kelly, Whoopi Goldberg, Voltaire, Owen Wilson, Demi Moore, Anne Hathaway, Charles Atlas, Diego Maradona, Katy Perry, Joe Biden.

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Scorpio Horoscope Junkie Comments

Scorpio Children - by AstroKid (Sedona - USA)

Scorpio is ruled by Mars, the planet of dynamic energy, and therefore the children born during that month when the Sun is passing through this sign are filled with a force that must have an outlet somewhere or somehow. They partake in all the Martial qualities, either good or bad, according to the way the Sun is placed and aspected, and they are always ready to take up an argument or a fight; either on their own behalf or for someone else; they are never content with half measures, either they go to one extreme or the other, good or bad. Those who show the good side of Scorpio have splendid constructive and executive abilities. Scorpio children are brusque but honest and just, indefatigable workers, and always ready to sacrifice themselves for the good of others by rebelling against oppression or in other ways unselfishly working for the cause they have espoused. But those who show the bad side of Scorpio not only refuse to work themselves but become demagogues who incite others to anarchy and lawlessness and destruction. These people are social fire-brands and very dangerous to the community. But here is one redeeming feature about them and that is that they are not underhanded; whatever they do is open and aboveboard. Scorpio children usually have a very uncertain temper and a sarcastic tongue that bites like the sting of the scorpion, when the turn that side of their nature. Therefore the parents of these children should take them in hand as early as possible and teach them self-control by every means within their power; also strive to soften the Mars ray and instill into them a more kindly spirit. This may be very difficult because the sign Scorpio gives a very determined nature, but in childhood's years it is plastic to a certain extent and can be best worked upon then. They have a very strong and vivid imagination, with a clear, sharp and penetrating mind, also a personal magnetism that makes them very attractive to those with whom they come in contact. They seem to be most contented in military life where there is sharp and strict discipline. Particular care should be taken to teach these children sex hygiene, for the sign Scorpio rules the generative and eliminative organs, whose functions are stimulated by the presence of the Sun in Scorpio, so that if the person is not morally and physically clean, much trouble may be expected. Scorpio children can go on to make excellent surgeons and if they are taught to use surgery only for constructive purposes they can do a great deal of good in the world. All this depends in a considerable measure upon the early training, for there is a destructive side to the Scorpio nature which would make it very dangerous from the spiritual viewpoint for such a person to take up a vocation that offers scope for malpractice; he would then contract a very heavy debt under the law of consequence, which must be paid in sorrow and suffering either in this or later lives.

ZZZZcorpio - by PY  (Canada)

The Best Thing about being a Scorpio horoscope junkie is .... once a Scorpio sets its mind on something ...they can take it to Mars and to the deep space Stars ***

When The Sun Shines On  A Scorpio Horoscope Junkie - by AstroKid  (AZ USA)

The Sun in Scorpio, when well aspected, gives you great energy, courage and independence. It makes your mind active, and favors success in such occupations as those of the surgeon or soldier. It also tends to improve the finances after marriage, but can tend to lead you toward extravagance. The Sun here afflicted can give you a very blunt, brusque manner, a feeling that your judgment is better than that of others, and a tendency to ride rough-shod over anybody or anything that stands in your way. It often makes you indifferent to suffering, and may transform the surgeon into a vivisectionist.

Scorpio Girl in Canada - by: Courtney 

What do you like best about being Scorpio? I like the fact that I'm a strong assertive person that stands up for herself. Perhaps you have something Scorpio Horoscope Junkies would like to know. Many resources say that two Scorpio's can't stay together. It works great, I'm telling you. Scorpio horoscope junkies are meant to be with each other.

Extreme Intuition Mind Readers - by Susanna 

Have you noticed the uncanny ability of most Scorpio Horoscope Junkies who can get into your head? They know things before the rest of us mortals. My advice is to heed it. They're usually right, but sometimes paranoid.

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