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What are the traits of a Leo?

The traits of being a Leo horoscope junkie are outgoing, proud, warm-hearted, loyal, with a wish to excel in all they do. They are natural leaders. The Lion is known to love those they are close with and they wish to protect and defend all those who need it.

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Leo Horoscope Junkie Dates, Traits and Personalities

  • Birth DatesJuly 23 to August 22
  • Mythology: The Lion
  • Gemology: Ruby and Diamond
  • Metallurgy: Gold
  • Colorology: Orange
  • Ruled By: The Sun
  • Physiology: An embodiment of stateliness and pride, psychically attractive with an expansive chest, massive shoulders, strong arms, large head, and a slender but still muscular under body. Leos can have a florid complexion, large blue/grey eyes. The Leo possesses the strength and courage to take on and endure challenges. Leos can have very strong voices and can be heard clearly in more ways than one.
  • Characteristics: Leos make great leaders and love to be in the spotlight. They can be big hearted and generous in time, advice and money. Leos make honest and loyal partnerships
  • Planets in the rising sign of Leo: The Sun rising in Leo amplifies the strength, vitality, fertility and immunity. Mars can counteract these, and Saturn can unbalance the core qualities of the Lion.
Traits Leo Horoscope Junkie

The Leo horoscope sign is the Lion: July 23 to August 22

Leo horoscope junkies need love and recognition from others in order to fully evolve. However people are attracted to the Lion's zest for life and their warm spirit. They have a tendency to indulge themselves or their loved ones in luxury, as they often set high value on aesthetic beauty. They pamper their friends and treat them well. A Lion is the ultimate friend. But when not loved or when their friendship is not reciprocated they become depressed, self-pitying and self-destructive. They do not hold a grudge and they are very forgiving. They have respect and understanding of others differences.


  • Loyal – Ambitious – Optimistic – Outgoing – Honest – Direct – Confident


  • Conceited – Arrogant – Egotistical - Vain


  • Element: Fire
  • Quality: Fixed
  • Polarity: Positive
  • Planet: Sun

Positive Traits

  • Generous and warm-hearted
  • Creative and enthusiastic
  • Broad-minded and expansive
  • Faithful and loving

Negative Traits

  • Pompous and patronizing
  • Bossy and interfering
  • Dogmatic and intolerant

Who Do Leos Get Along With?

  • Superior Lovers: Libra - Aries - Sagittarius - Cancer
  • Inferior Lovers: Virgo - Capricorn - Scorpio
  • Superior Friendships: Gemini - Pisces
  • Inferior Friendships: Taurus - Leo
Leo Woman

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Eminent Personalities With The Leo Horoscope Sign

Leo Eminent Personalities

What celebs are Leo?

As a Leo Horoscope Junkie you are in the great company of these eminent personalities:  Amelia Earhart, Chris Hemsworth, Madonna, J K Rowling, James Cameron, Steve Martin, Kevin Spacey, Sean Penn, Matthew Broderick, Roger Federer, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Princess Margaret Rose, George Bernard Shaw, Hilary Swank, Napoleon Bonaparte, Steve Carell, Jimmy Dean, Eddie Fisher, Lucille Ball, Mike Douglas, Julia Child, Fidel Castro, Casey Stengel, Halle Berry, Princess Anne, Benito Mussolini, Ben Affleck, Carl G. Jung, Aldous Huxley, Henry Ford, Peter O'Toole, Daniel Radcliffe, Andy Warhol, Cecil B. DeMille, Sandra Bullock, Dustin Hoffman, Helena Blavatsky, Robert De Niro, Robert Redford, Patrick Swayze, Bill Clinton, Kenny Rogers, Coco Chanel, Alfred Hitchcock, Fidel Castro, Kate Bush, Neil Armstrong, Yves St. Laurent, Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Lawrence, David Duchovny, Martin Sheen, Whitney Houston, Mick Jagger, Wesley Snipes, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Stanley Kubrick.


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Leo Horoscope Junkie Comments

When The Sun Shines On A Leo Horoscope Junkie - by Sedona AstroKid 

The Sun in Leo gives you a masterful nature with a large measure of self-control, a keen sense of honor and a never-failing integrity. You aspire to rule others but would scorn to take a mean advantage or to do anything to others that would not be in strict accord with the golden rule; the affections are deep and lasting. People with the Sun in Leo are staunch defenders of those they love, but equally strong in their aversions. Leo is the sign which rules the heart. Whatever people with the Sun in Leo do is done with a concentration of purpose which compels success. You make true and lasting friendships but if one must have an enemy, a suntanned Leo will prove more honorable and magnanimous than any other.

Leo and Confidence - by TC 

Leo horoscope junkies are well known as strong muscular bright faithful leaders. But did you know that Leo's also have hearts SOOO BIG that there's a possibility they can change the meanest demons into holy graced angels with only their voice. It's so simple and amazing at the same time.

Leo Children - by AstroKid (Sedona - USA)

The sign Leo is ruled by the life-giving Sun, and it is called the royal sign of the Zodiac; therefore it confers upon the children which are born under its influence a noble, ambitious and aspiring nature. They are of the Master breed and make good leaders but poor followers. Being of a noble and lofty character themselves they scorn mean and sordid things nor will they stoop to do a low act even under great provocation or the strong urge of self-interest. The love nature is very strong and ardent. No inconvenience or sacrifice is too great to serve those they love. They are loyal and true friends through thick and thin. Leo is a fixed sign and gives its children considerable will power, so that they are usually able to win their way to the top despite all handicaps and obstacles. They are very fixed in their opinions and if they espouse any cause they will usually stay by it and work for it in a most enthusiastic manner. They never do anything half-heartedly, for Leo being a fiery sign endows them with power, vitality and enthusiasm. Leo also gives it children a good memory. The foregoing tendencies are indicated when the Sun is fairly well aspected in the horoscope; but if it is afflicted by Mars, or any of the malefics, the nature is changed, so that the person becomes bombastic, blustering and domineering, one not to be trusted in any department of life, and an unfaithful, amorous husband or wife, or a disloyal friend, one who will not hesitate to stoop to any meanness. He is then just as bad as the Leo with the well aspected Sun is good, this on the principle that the brightest light always casts the deepest shadow. The principal fault of the Leos is a quick temper, but they do not hold spite, and when shown to have been wrong they are always ready to apologize and make amends. Leo children are magnanimous, even to their bitterest enemies.

Being A Leo Horoscope Junkie - by Aimee Behan (Ìreland, Co. Dublin)

Positive Things About Being A Leo: 1. They are the leaders of the Zodiac. 2. They make excellent leaders. 3. They are very wise in serious situations. 4. They know when somebody doesn't like you. 5. They are creative. 7. They are talented. 8. They love showing off there properties. 9. They are very lustful. 10. They are kind

Negative Things About Being A Leo:  1. They are greedy. 2. They can be arrogant. 3. They often moan over stupid situations. 4. They cannot save money for the world!! They always end up spending it on someone.

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