Top 10 Motives to Cast a Spell 

There are so many reasons for the desire to cast a spell that transforms a wish into reality. Here is a list of the top ten reasons for spells being cast.

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Spells can be simple affirmations or intricately conjured rituals combining symbolism, totems, incantations, spiritual beliefs, and concentrated attention. With one main agenda, to make what you want to happen – happen. 

Long relegated to the domain of hocus-pocus, today’s wizardry is to be found in the enchanted realms of well-grounded psychics and mystics.

Cast a Spell

The Top Ten Motives to Cast a Spell 

1 - Money Spells.

  • I want to be wealthy
  • I want to receive a financial windfall
  • I want to win the lottery
cast a money spell

2 - Love Spells

  • I want to attract my true love
  • I want to be married
  • I want to have more passion in my life
  • I want to repair a broken relationship
  • I want to heal my broken heart
  • I want a loving relationship
  • I want to find my soul mate
  • I want to end a bad relationship
  • I want . . .  to be enchanted with me
Cast Love Spells

3 - Sex Spells

  • I want strong and powerful sex with . . . :
  • > Male and Female
  • > Female and Female
  • > Male and Male
  • > Transgender and Male
  • > Transgender and Female
  • > Trans and Trans
  • > Orgy
Cast a Sex Spell

4 - Friendship Spells

  • I want to be best friends with . . . 
  • I want to repair my friendship with . . . 
  • I want to have new friends
  • I want to have more friends
Cast Friendship Spell

5 - Physical Spells

  • I want to lose weight
  • I want to gain weight
  • I want fertility
  • I want to be pregnant
  • I want a fit body
  • I want to appear beautiful
  • I want healthy skin
  • I want to quit smoking
  • I want to quit drinking
  • I want to heal . . . 
  • I want to be healthy
  • I want vibrant energy
Cast Physical Spells

6 - Protection Spells

  • I want to be protected
  • May . . . be protected from harm
  • I want to be shielded from the negative energy of  . . .
  • I am safe in a bubble of white light
  • I want to ward off evil
  • I want to be left alone
  • I want to be safe from another’s curse
  • I want psychic protection
Cast protective spells

7 - Luck Spells

  • I want to make a charm lucky
  • I want to win  . . .
  • I want good luck
  • I want magic to happen in my life
  • I want to be fortunate
Cast lucky spells

8 - Truth Spells

  • I want to know the truth about . . .
  • I want  . . . to know the truth about me
  • I want the truth to come out
  • I want to keep the truth hidden
Cast Truth Spell

9 - Career Spells

  • I want a new job
  • I want to get this particular job
  • I want a raise in pay
  • I want a promotion
  • I want a long holiday
  • I want a successful business of my own
Cast Career Spells

10 - Dream Spells

  • I want to remember my dreams
  • I want to sleep deeply
  • I want answers to come in my dreams
  • I want to meet with . . . in my dreams
  • I want my dreams to come true
Cast Dream Spells

Do Not cast BLACK Spells

Black Spells 

(At some point the dark and negative spells ALWAYS backfire on the instigator and so are not recommended)

  • I want them to break up
  • I want revenge for . . .
  • I want the pain felt by . . .

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