Channeling Tupac Shakur

by Olivia Rose Benton
(Cincinnati OH)

I was truly honoured to channel Tupac Shakur

I was truly honoured to channel Tupac Shakur

My abilities are now very much a part of me and I’m so consumed by the revelations I receive. Simply stunned is the description of myself the day I channelled Tupac Shakur. A very strong spirit his is, tears formed in my eyes as I wrote down every word I saw during the session, I’m so private and such a secretive person because of my abilities. I imagine people calling me crazy or something downgrading because they lack spiritual awareness.

''Tupac’s back'' is a song that the very famous hiphop artist Rick Ross released this past summer. A huge hit that Tupac’s spirit doesn’t take to kindly to! Believe it or not Tupac hates Rick Ross because of his utter disrespect as to make a song claiming Tupac’s back (basically suggesting he’s the new Pac) when Tupac has been dead since 1996.

It took me a while to understand why his spirit would be upset, Rick Ross is not necessarily positive. I know what you are all thinking; why would Tupac’s spirit talk to you? It’s because I am a seer.... duh lol.

I’m able to channel any spirit at any time and I was truly honoured to channel Tupac Shakur and many others, Tupac’s spirit is one of my favourites,...... whoever said that spirits have no feelings lied, whoever said that you can’t channel whenever you want to is misinformed. I’m not being a spiritual snob this is a true story!!!

Tupac also came to me once in a very vivid dream one night... I awoke and told my mother about this dream where Tupac stood in my path on a busy sidewalk smiling at me as if he was waiting on me. No one else in the dream could see Pac but me. Everyone else strolled by as if he wasn’t there.. That same day I turned on the television and it was brought to my attention that it was Tupac’s birthday that day! Weird huh?

I know in my heart that Tupac came to visit one of his biggest fans who just happens to be a seer. He was smiling at me so wide it’s so cool to be able to communicate with people so famous without all the worldly drama.......

;-) Olivia

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Feb 26, 2017
I See Him Too
by: Deundrea

Tupac came to me once as a teenager. He seemed very upset and was pushing me to continue spreading his message of peace love and equal rights. It's strange that I channeled pac because not only do I love him as a artist but also as a person. I'm 28 now and I just now noticed tupac at that time saw my potential of what I could be and what people were making me out to be. I now live to keep my promise to him.

Nov 24, 2015
Your not the only one.
by: Anonymous

I'm an air sign (libra) and 2pac has been my favorite artists for years to come. I've always been into spirituality and wanted to improve my spirituality, which I've already have. What I'm tryna say is, every since I became aware (conscious) of the world around me again its like I started understanding 2pac more and more and it really upsets me because rappers in the industry to try to imitate pac, but in my heart I know pac wouldn't like that because pac wasn't a negative person who promoted negativity. I mean he did, but u gotta look at the reason why he did. He was a gemini, which represents the twins good and bad. Geminis are open to let u decide which side you'd like to see out of them and that was basically pac. That's why he's misunderstood because people try to make him seem like a thug when in reality he was a great person, but when u have people testing u in a negative way, then u got no choice but to be heartless, if u ever been thru most of the shit pic's been thru.

Jun 15, 2013
by: /Pavel

Is there anywhere we can read something from your talks?

Apr 13, 2013
by: Lisa

I Chanel Tupac very often he remains here or when I call him he comes check me out on facebook Lisa McDaniel

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