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Contacting Spirit Guides

Contacting spirit guides to find your true self and release your fears, by Psychic Snake River.

We as Human Beings have drifted far from our purpose on Earth. We have become enamored with the illusion of the external world. We focus on work, TV and food rather than our True and Pure Self. As a result of our blindly following our physical cravings and mental yearnings we find ourselves in pain. We experience depression, illness, obesity, loneliness and failure. All are forms of emptiness.

We are at a point on Earth where, as never before, people are seeking Truth. People ask - who are we - why are we here - who is God ?

More books get printed; more classes and retreats are attended. We want to find our own answers! Following the herd is not good enough any more.

The answers have been available to us all along. The answers are available now.

Spirit is the key. What is Spirit? Who is Spirit? Spirit is available to everyone.

Spirit is your True Self. The physical body is Spirit manifest. Spirit is your creator. To alter your circumstances from the outside and hope for change is futile. True lasting change happens from the inside. Life lived from the inside-out is rich, joyful and fulfilling. Life lived from the outside-in is lonely, empty, always wanting, never satisfied, from decisions based solely on externally generated, fear reactions. Access to Spirit is difficult when you have been living externally your whole life. Your parents and their parents lived externally. They taught you everything they know.

Now is the time to change, now is a great time for contacting your spirit guides.

We each have a True Purpose. We each have gifts to bring to the world. We are each meant to live a fulfilling, satisfying life filled with Love, Peace and Abundance. We are meant to live free from fear.

Spirit releases fear, so contacting your spirit guides can release fear.

Imagine a life based on what is beneficial to you rather than based on fear. Psychics have the ability of contacting spirit guides.

"Who am I?" "Why am I here?" "What is my purpose?" Using their specific abilities, Psychics can get the answers to those difficult questions with the help of your spiritual guides.

Even questions of how to live a day-to-day life in the external world, can be answered by contacting spirit guides. With questions like "Should I take that job?" "Will I ever have money?" "When will I meet Mr or Mrs Right?" Spirit is there to help us.

We each have guides who are with us always. You may experience them as a 'gut feeling' when you know something isn't quite right. Or maybe you get a flash of something across your mind and you say, "I knew that!"

These moments happen when there is a gap in your brain activity and your mind is quiet enough to let the information in. Psychics are able to access that place of receptivity at any time. Most psychics are given their gift of contacting guides so they may help other people achieve their highest good.

It has been asked; If Spirit is our True and Pure Self, why do we live so strongly in the physical world? Contacting spirit guides can bring forth valuable insights for living.

Along with the physical self we have the Ego. Ego is very much a part of the physical realm. Ego believes itself to be the center of the Universe. Ego is the creator of Fear. Fear is the block to our achieving our True Purpose. Ego needs fear to keep itself alive. Ego fears that our union with Spirit will destroy it. Ego is right.

Ego acting as fear can block us. Fear is what damages our Soul. We manifest things like competitiveness, jealousy, failure, poverty, greed, obsession, addiction, depression, illness, obesity, judgment... The list is endless. In the grips of Ego we have difficulty contacting spirit guides because we are busy fighting the illusion, created by fear.

Psychics are able to see the Ego and Fear for what they are, and therefore, are open to contacting spirit guides to overcome your fear barriers.

Spirit as used here refers to the Universal energy that creates all of Life, and is itself Life manifest in myriad forms.

Our journey includes overcoming Ego and all of its manifestations in the physical realm, to achieve wholeness. With Psychic assistance you can begin contacting spirit guides to identify your personal barriers to wholeness and the best ways to grow through them. Soul healing can begin. You can experience freedom in your life and gain a True sense of your Self when you are adept at contacting spirit guides.


The Realm of spirit is defined by Love, Truth and Purity. In Spirit we are One. There is no separation; therefore there is no need for competition or greed. In Spirit we see ourselves in the other, and the other in ourselves.

Connecting to Spirit is connecting to Oneness, Life; the Universe.

There is no victim or victor. No right or wrong, good or bad. We are One.

No pain - No past - Only Now - Only Love - Only One

After finding your guides your journey becomes more important than the destination.

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