Enchanted Spells

Here are the five essential elements for casting enchanted spells.

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The mystic charm that adds potency to a spell is the difference that makes all the difference.

What can be wishy-washy hocus-pocus from once source can be a powerful and potent invocation from another!

I list here the five key elements to help you perfect your own magical spells.

Or, better still, when you know and understand these essential elements you will be able to identify and engage a proficient spell caster on your behalf - if that be your need.

5 Key Elements of Enchanted Spells

Enchanted Spells
  • 1 - Passion: Passion is essential when spell casting. It’s long been known that a burning emotion empowers all variations of creative visualization technique, incantations, affirmations, the law of attraction, and all magical spells. If you can’t muster up a powerhouse of passion when casting your own powerful spells - employ a witch or wizard who can.
  • 2 - Spiritual Foundation: All successful spell casting comes from a powerful, spiritually driven, foundation. Sayings like ‘what goes around – comes around’, ‘what you give out - comes back multiplied’, and other variations on the laws of karma, all highlight the importance of non-infringement of others. Your spell casting must be pure of heart at all times. If you can’t get your negative emotions out of the way then you will need to employ a mystic with a solid spiritual foundation who can.
  • 3 - Belief: First you must believe there is a solution to your problem even if you don’t know what it is yet. And then you must believe 100% in your ability to cast magical and enchanted spells. If you have an inch of doubt then you ought to employ someone who believes in their spell casting powers absolutely.
  • 4 - Secrecy: The element of secrecy is paramount to your success. If you need to chat with another about what you are up to you may as well forget it. Thoughts are things and words are thoughts with wings. You don’t want your potency to fly away. If you are employing a spell caster check to make sure he or she is bound by the magic of secrecy.
  • 5 - Knowledge: The ancient knowledge of how spells work and knowledge of which powerful and mystical components to use in your spells can be found in traditional witchcraft and some rare master bloodlines. If you are in need of life changing results and you don’t yet have the knowledge – best employ a truly knowledgeable spell caster until you do.
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