Hypnosis Affiliate Programs

My recommended hypnosis affiliate programs are listed on this page.

Oranum Esoteric Affiliate Program

My Help Hub have several affiliate programs suitable for hypnosis or psychic websites. This link will take you straight to their central affiliate sign up page.

The hypnosis type programs from My Help Hub I most use are:

  • Plus Kits - Self-development CDs, combining NLP, hypnosis and alpha brainwaves.
  • Brain Power Pro - To reprogram your inner thoughts with subliminal software.
  • Brain Bullet - software reprograms your mind with positive, powerful commands.
  • Instant-Hypnosis Downloads - Quality MP3 hypnosis sessions (I link to specific Psychic Hypnosis MP3s like this - www.sixth-sense-hypnosis.com - This technique is called deep linking and cloaking. If you need help with this please use the contact form and ask. I’m happy to help.)
  • Hypnosis Vault - Buy one hypnosis session get seventeen more for free.
  • The Secrets of REAL Hypnosis - Learn how to hypnotize anyone in minutes, cure phobias instantly and control people's thoughts in regular conversation!

Some of the above programs are being transferred to SelfDevelopment.net so it is worth signing up as an affiliate there also. 

Hypnosis Affiliate Programs

The Brain Evolution System is a powerful, six-CD audio program for helping you MASTER your BRAIN - by literally CHANGING your BRAINWAVES.

It works by using special sounds to influence your brainwave patterns, helping to positively change your mood, your focus, your stress levels, your confidence - and MUCH MORE!

You'll find yourself enjoying LIMITLESS ENERGY and MOTIVATION. Your emotional baggage will simply DISAPPEAR. Your relationships will IMPROVE. Your confidence will SOAR. You'll experience more CREATIVE RUSHES. You'll become IMMUNE to worries and tension.

And all because you spend JUST 30 MINUTES listening to a simple audio recording.

Would you like to learn more about what's being called "the most powerful self-development technology on earth" ... ? Then click on THIS LINK and download YOUR no-cost MP3 copy for JUST $0.00 ... TODAY!

But YOU are looking for hypnosis affiliate programs. So you can join one of the most exciting self-development affiliate programs in the Hypnotic/Brain Entrainment niches.

The Brain Evolution System is a 6-CD meditation program, which uses brainwave technology to help achieve peak performance states of mind, on-demand. It has a huge fan base, almost zero returns, and pays out very well.

Bringing targeted traffic hitting a 7% conversion rate, that means this is a very solid earner! Click here to START PROMOTING THE BrainEV PROGRAM

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