I want to change the world.

by Heather Leah Kinrade
(Asheville, NC, USA)

I may look like a fairy, but I'm really a unicorn deep inside. ;)

I may look like a fairy, but I'm really a unicorn deep inside. ;)

My name is Heather, and I'm 28 years old now, but I've wanted to change the world since I was a child. I never really fit in, and I was teased a lot in school. But these things didn't bother me as much because I knew I had much bigger things to worry about.

From childhood, I experienced lucid dreaming. I never experienced a non-lucid dream. In fact, in college level Psychology, I was completely stunned to discover that most people don't have consciousness in their dreams! I've never known anything different.

My teenage years brought even more strange experiences. I'd close my eyes, then suddenly discover I could see through my lids and out across a great field, or to a tall mountain. Sometimes, I'd even see other people, and they would wave at me. More than once, I saw frightening figures as well. I saw visions. I sensed spirits. I astral projected. And I never meant to do any of it -- it all just came naturally and unexpectedly. I wish I could somehow learn to control these experiences. It would be wonderful to astral project at will, rather than randomly being tossed across the earth.

These forays with the supernatural thrill and entice me, but they're not the core of my existence. When I was 19, I co-founded a Kiwanis Club to do volunteer work in the community. When I was 22, I traveled across America, road-trip-style, doing random acts of kindness and volunteer work for three months, all across the country. When I was 23, I co-founded ME-3, a non-profit designed to inspire kindness and volunteerism in my home community.

I truly believe that kindness is the best way to change the world, and that everyone wants to make an impact--some people just need guidance; they aren't sure how to start.

I don't know if I'm an "Indigo." I've never had my aura checked. I can't see aura's, but one time I looked within and meditated to find my true self, and I found a small white glowing ball. So I don't know if I'm Indigo. But several people I've met have randomly asked me if I am. Even total strangers.

But I do have Indigo traits. I'm sensitive the the spiritual realm, and would love to grow in my abilities by sharing and conversing with other people with the same gift. I was born in 1982, so the timing is perfect. But most importantly, I want to change the world. And I was wondering if there is any cohesive group or groups of Indigos that work together to make a difference? There's strength in numbers! Furthermore, I'd like to see what other Indigos are doing to help change the world. :)

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Nov 22, 2011
You defiantly are an indigo
by: Madison

The white ball is white light, I know that for certain. If u pull either out from yourself or in from the universe u an protect yourself with this light. U sound amazing! U can take the white light and invision a white bubble around you and that's how you protect yourself, it's also how you start to see your aura. I can't see auras but when I close my eyes to protect myself I see it in my peripheral vision in my eyes. Email me if you would like to share or hear any more information I would love to hear from you: gogetmadison@gmail.com

Oct 08, 2011
You Can Help Make This a Better World in Five Minutes, Just by Signing the Petition at http://wh.gov/gJG
by: tvfields

If you need help signing the petition or want more information, please let me know.

Thank you,

Jul 24, 2010
ooh thank goodness:-))
by: Anonymous

I too have had visions and dreams. And an overwhelming need to help people unite! I too have started volinteer work and everytime a disasster strikes ive tried organizing unity to help with what ever people can do.

But the one whose been helping me lately is the God and the Bible. I know how it sounds, and I was never a religious person, but these two have been my only answer to whats going on, n how to understand my visions. I am still in coccoon stage, but when it all makes sence and we have changed the world, or at least a few mind sets, then i believe ill come out a beautiful butterfly;0) along with many more special people.

(I wont make this too long) but recently ive wanted to organize a march of unity, down to the Gulf to help clean up this oil spill. BP can provide the protective wear but wether we like it or not this mess affects us all, therfor we are all responsible

Apr 04, 2010
Me 2
by: Anonymous

Hey hun,

I have recently discovered things about Indigo's and realised I probably am one as well. I too have always wanted to change the world but with children. I was always fed up with adults and how they treated their kids. I have always wanted to travel and start orpnages in poor countries but right now I am not able to. I am a single mum I am 29 and Live in Ausatralia. I am finiding out what I can do now to get myself there in the future but I hate office jobs so I am looking into working for myself but not sure in what field. Keep concentrating on how you wish to change or help the world and the signs will come to you. It has happend to me I was asking the question who am I 3 weeks later a old freind of mine who I had no idea was into this suggested I am an indigo. He told me out of the blue he didnt know I was asking the question. :-)

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