Indigo 26

by Christopher
(Tampa FL)

Well ever since I was a small child I always new what someone was thinking or about to say! And can always tell if someone wasn't telling the truth! I just know things on a drop of a dime!

I always had dreams that came true, I was little my family had a big fish tank with all angel fish I loved looking at the fish swim by the glass and all that I felt like I had a connection with the angel fish lol, I will watch them for hours!

So one night I went to bed and had a very real dream of my father cleaning out the fish tank dumping out half o the water and replacing it with tap water. And all the angel fish died of shock! So the next morning I went downstairs for breakfast and told my mom about it because my dad was at work already, I wanted to tell him the dream, so anyways when I got off the bus from school. I was walking home from the bus stop and I felt that something was wrong! So I ran home and the first thing I saw was the fish tank and all of the fish was dead! I ran up to my dad’s room in a panic and told him all the fish was dead so both my mom and my dad came downstairs to see what I was talking about and saw the tank, my mom was like OMG your dream came true!

So I told my dream to my dad and he said wow that exactly what I did when I came home from work I cleaned out the tank and refilled it with tap water. So that's just one of many dreams I've had come true some on a larger scale! But I've also seen auras around people from a very young age. I would tell my parents what I saw and they would tell me to ignore it! So I did till I didn't see them anymore.

Growing up I've always felt different. Like I feel alone in this world because I have no one to talk to about this kind of thing and everyone that I know wouldn’t understand what I'm talking about! I sometimes feel like I'm living a double life. One side of my life I have all my friends and family thinking I'm like this normal fun happy person and I am, but on the flip I have all this. Whatever this is! I can go on and on about my experience I've had growing up to even today so I guess I’ll stop here for now!!!

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May 25, 2010
by: Anonymous

That's great I love this site!! I don't feel alone and weird anymore!

May 23, 2010
Indigo Dreams
by: Mary

I think that Indigo children are attracted to each other, because when I told my pen pal I was psychic, she said she was too. It was true and now I had someone to talk to it about it. We shared our dreams and visions and tested our powers by trying to contact each other.

One day I had a dream and I told her about. I described a girl in my dreams that I had never seen before because usually I can recognize the people in my dreams. She said that the girl in the dream was her. In my dream the girl was blonde, short, and had emerald eyes. She is two years younger than me so she would be shorter than me. She said she did have blonde hair, and emerald eyes. It was strange because usually I only have my friends or family in my dreams.

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