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Indigo Adult with 3 Sensitive Children

by Rosalie
(San Jose, Ca USA)

Hello there, my name is Rosalie I’m 30 yrs old and have 3 boys who are very aware. Since I was 3 yrs old I remember hearing my name being called out in different locations day or night, I had very lucid dreams of family members that have passed on sending messages. It would scare me a bit that at 10 yrs old I prayed to God that I was not ready to wait till I was old enough to be brave to hear voices so clear. Welllll.... All grown up now expecting my 4th baby. I so wanted a girl and knew if I wanted a girl that I would have to do it now not on my time. By my gut feeling I was right "it’s a girl". I am so happy. Here is the thing October 2009 I lost my Grandpa to a stroke then unexpectedly one week later my Uncle, son of grandpa, was in a fatal car accident so 2 funerals in one month. It was a sad time for us. I was worried about my grandmother seeing her depressed and alone, that I became her new care taker. Taking care of my grandma brought some peace. But obvious things started happening soon after the deaths. I was hearing voices again and seeing shadow apparitions, along with Dreams of my family, and would record things so no one would say I am crazy. My 2 yr old would talk and stare into mid-air seeing something and follow it to open doors for it.

My 6 yr old would hear it, see it, and sense something and predict things, knew things. He told me not to tell Daddy because Dad will call me crazy. I should have listened because now my feelings are hurt now and I was still scared at night after telling my baby’s dad. He said I was nuts and should not be taking care of anyone in that condition, shocked but still needed to do something. My 10 yr old was having dreams about me explaining that, hearing me crying and praying made him sad. It reminded me when I was 10 when I said a simple prayer. I was not alone. I asked the spirits to stop because Grandma was terrified too.... the house had to be blessed by a local priest. I do believe it was Grandpa and Uncle trying to get our attentions but with respect I try not to talk about that too much, because we were scared. I learned that it enlightened me and my boys. We still talk about dreams.

My intuition is a lot stronger and I try to record my dreams in a journal, My 2 yr old still stares in mid-air and daydreams. I know how to automatic write and taught myself meditation I had also been asking my spirit guides for advice. My Grandmother is doing well and it is going to be a year in October 2010 which is also my DUE DATE to have my baby girl.

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