Indigo Family

by Ryan

For as long as I can remember I have felt "different" from everyone else. I used to talk to my mum constantly asking questions to which she had no answers because the things I was seeing and feeling that others couldn't always made me feel alone and rejected.

I am now 25 and have only discovered the term indigo 2 days ago (17/01/2009) and it explains so much about how I've felt over the years. Im sooooo excited now about learning more about myself and unlocking any abilities I have, and discovering what this pent up power is inside of me that I have sensed within for so long.

If there are any others on here that could help me on my journey, any tips or directions to search in it would be greatly appreciated. I now have a daughter who is three and am positive she is also an indigo, as her wisdom surpasses many of her age group and older.

Thankfully now, knowing what I am, I will be able to help and guide her to not have the same distresses I had as child in not knowing where to turn for the emotions and sensations we endure.

Some of these Psychic Schools and Spiritual Colleges offer distance learning as well as on campus studies. Those listed have been recommended to me in one way or another over time.

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