Indigo Warrior

by Paula
(Wales UK)

When I was three and a half years old my mother had just given birth to my sister, this one fine day the midwife was round to visit and I was down the bottom of the garden behind the garden shed feeding the birds as I sometimes did...nothing unusual about a child feeding bread to the birds you may think...except I have clear memories of the birds hopping all around me, and sometimes jumping on my feet and even landing on my head.

When I returned back into the house the midwife asked me where I was and what I was just doing, so I told her about feeding the birds around my feet... she immediately spat out loud at me "you little lyer...birds never come to people, they are afraid of us"

With that negative thought in mind... they never did come back around my feet again.

That was my first taste of how unusual my life was to become, I have seen many things that people are not supposed to see... I have conversed with Angels, and had run-ins with Demons... I can see into the future and see into the past....and have had countless experiences, both positive and negative.

I have had to deal with real cases of possession of people by undesirable entities. And have undergone several psychic attacks from both unseen and seen negative entities. And I’ve witnessed the profound and incredible. I have often felt isolated and in-need of someone else who I can share some of my many experiences.

I am 50 now and have just begun to understand the truth of who I am. I am an Indigo warrior. And I'm ok with that now. it’s who I am... I'm not strange at all. If you feel you would like to make contact drop me a line.
contact... gone_a_bit_mad @

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Jun 06, 2011
by: Anonymous

Thanks for being in the fight with the rest of us. Seems we lost a lot of us along the way of years.

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