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by Konrad McKane
(Orlando, FL)



My name is Konrad McKane. When I was 16 I had my first Kundalini experience; a rapid flow of consciousness. My brain was flooded with information about time travel, parallel worlds and other information that I had never studied before.

The doctors classified me as having bipolar one which is manic without the depressive. I was messed up on medications for a year till they found the right balance. I have always been artistic and musically inclined as far as I can remember.

When I was three I was visited by a light being. I can still see the glowing white face and dark eyes and mouth looking in through my window. Since then I've had many brushes with death but always came out unscathed. When I was 20 I fell asleep driving up a mountain. My car crashed into a boulder, flew through the air, flipped over and skidded 50 yards into the fast lane. I pulled myself out unscathed. Only a sore neck and back in what was potentially a fatal accident.

When I turned 21 I made my soulmate manifest. I was living in Oregon and she was from Florida. She flew me out to visit for a week but I never went home. I believe she is an indigo as well. We broke up in September of 08. It was all part of the test of my character. She wasn't living up to her full potential and it frustrated me. Now, after much research, I've discovered my indigo aura and that the people I’ve drawn into my life are too, but they just don't know it yet.

I've been collecting a team of indigos and seeking my kind for quite some time. I finally met my indigo equal and our power levels combined are unmatched. We formed a band called The Soul Birds in February 09 ( He came through the coffee shop I worked at and I noticed the symbolism of the tattoo on his arm and I knew he was one of my kind. He came back a week later and asked if I knew any drummer to which I replied "pfft You're looking at one". Now with both of us making our dreams manifest there's no stopping us.

I want to meet every indigo out there and create the collective. I want to create a free colony of people that are completely off the grid and have no government. Politics solve nothing because our problems are technical not political. Feel free to contact me at

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