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Mythology: The Lion

Gemology: Ruby and Diamond

Metallurgy: Gold

Colorology: Orange

Ruled By: The Sun

Physiology: An embodiment of stateliness and pride, psychically attractive with an expansive chest, massive shoulders, strong arms, large head, and a slender but still muscular under body. Leos can have a florid complexion, large blue/grey eyes. The Leo possesses the strength and courage to take on and endure challenges. Leos can have very strong voices and can be heard clearly in more ways than one.

Characteristics: Leos make great leaders and love to be in the spotlight. They can be big hearted and generous in time, advice and money. Leos make honest and loyal partnerships

Planets in the rising sign of Leo: The Sun rising in Leo amplifies the strength, vitality, fertility and immunity. Mars can counteract these, and Saturn can unbalance the core qualities of the Lion.

Famous Leo Horoscope Junkies

Famous Leo Horoscope Junkies

You’re in the Great Company of These Famous Leos:

Amelia Earhart, Chris Hemsworth, Madonna, J K Rowling, James Cameron, Steve Martin, Kevin Spacey, Sean Penn, Matthew Broderick, Roger Federer, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Princess Margaret Rose, George Bernard Shaw, Hilary Swank, Napoleon Bonaparte, Steve Carell, Jimmy Dean, Eddie Fisher, Lucille Ball, Mike Douglas, Julia Child, Fidel Castro, Casey Stengel, Halle Berry, Princess Anne, Benito Mussolini, Ben Affleck, Carl G. Jung, Aldous Huxley, Henry Ford, Peter O'Toole, Daniel Radcliffe, Andy Warhol, Cecil B. DeMille, Sandra Bullock, Dustin Hoffman, Helena Blavatsky, Robert De Niro, Robert Redford, Patrick Swayze, Bill Clinton, Kenny Rogers, Coco Chanel, Alfred Hitchcock, Fidel Castro, Kate Bush, Neil Armstrong, Yves St. Laurent, Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Lawrence, David Duchovny, Martin Sheen, Whitney Houston, Mick Jagger, Wesley Snipes, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Stanley Kubrick.

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