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Libra - The Scales

Libra - The Scales

Libra - The Scales: September 24 to October 23
The Scales like to be with other people, they like partnerships and groups. They are lazy but like opulent surroundings and nice decor. The Scales have mastered the art of relationships, not just romantic but also business, friendships, and family. No one is able to see another person's point of view better than the Scales because it is all in the balance.

Idealist – Diplomat – Gracious – Kind – Cooperative – Sociable

Vain – Indecisive – Superficial - Unreliable

Element: Air
Quality: Cardinal
Polarity: Positive
Planet: Venus

Positive Traits
Diplomatic and urbane
Romantic and charming
Easy-going and sociable
Idealistic and peaceable

Negative Traits
Indecisive and changeable
Gullible and easily influenced
Flirtatious and self-indulgent

Libras are the diplomats of the zodiac. They are able to put themselves in the shoes of others and see another person's point of view. They are the ones that always want to make things right and have balance and harmony in everything around them. They have captivating charm, elegant taste and they are easy to like due to their easy-going nature. In return for their amazing ability to be a good listener and diplomat, they expect admiration. They will gather a group of people, everyone will become friends then the Libra will be in the centre of the group.

Generally, the qualities of the Scales are considered to be compatible with those of the other air signs: Gemini, Aquarius and Aries, and to a lesser extent with: Scorpio, Sagittarius, Leo and Virgo. Libra people have a Medium Compatibility with: Taurus and Pisces. The Scales have a Low Compatibility with: Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. However, compatibility based on sun-sign alone is considered to be only a very general guideline.

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Libras Judging other people
by: Allie

I find that as a Libran I find it incredibly hard reading people. I think I seem to fall for the wrong people as I tend to find the good in someone, when others see the bad?

Is it really that fabulous being a libra?
by: Shamyra

OK - I'm not typing this to make any libras mad but my last 3 months have been horrible.

Love life going horrible, friends changing on me, money low, but still I keep my head up.

The smartest thing I heard so far are these words by Jim Rhone. "Let others lead small lives, but not you, let others argue over small things but not you, let others cry over small hurts but not you, let others leave their future in someone else's hands but not you". Those simple words meant so much to me those words gave me faith.

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