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Massachusetts Medium Scott

by True Believer!
(Brockton, MA)

I really need to share that the man named Scott I found through a local paper really helped me do what I have been trying to do for 11 years. He promised he wouldn't charge me if the reading was unsuccessful but I tell you at the end of it, I even gave him a tip!

Scott said he was new at his ability for the most part and gave me a heads up that he is still learning all the ins and outs of his new career. I wanted to see if he could help me talk to my mum who has been gone for 11 years. It took a few hours but he did just that. I only gave him a few key pieces he said he needed to channel her through back to this plane in spirit in case she isn't here already. I gave her name my name and her date of birth. He said his angels guides named Robert and Michael (not arch angel Michael) help him find them and bring them in. Well he got her through and I knew it was her because there was clear confirmation.

Scott said he needed three confirmation questions to ask my mum once she came through to make sure its her and not another spirit with the same name. My three questions were What did my mum sing to me as a child so I could fall asleep at night, what funny thing happened to me right before my senior prom, and where in the world did she put my Bat-Mitzvah video?

When he felt as if she fully came through he began to welcome her into his home, then introduced himself and why he has asked his angels to call her. Once that was done he then asked the three questions as they were answered one by one. It was for sure that my mum was there and answered the questions right and in the personality I expected by the way Scott said he heard her talk. I wish I could hear her like he can because I miss her voice so much. There was no way Scott, a stranger that I never met before in my life could have known in DETAIL the answers to those questions along with other things my mum wanted to talk to me about concerning my future with my estranged husband and the house that I live in which was hers.

I'm telling you, if you live in Massachusetts, call Scott. He is what all mediums claim to be....the absolute real thing. I am living proof of that fact and my mum coming through is proof also. And she is still here with me by choice. Apparently she has been here with me from time to time. She does have her own job in her plane. She is a protector of children from what Scott said. I have learned so much from Scott about what it will be like when we leave this world and apparently there really are gates to enter! But what ever you die from you go through a healing process once you arrive in Heaven and yes according to Scott we all go to Heaven. He explained that his angels, Arch Angel Raphael, and two of his spirit guides told him that even though some people do terrible and unthinkable things in this physical world, God still loves us all and cleans us of our physical and mental diseases and imbalances once we reach his kingdom. Because your spirit and soul can not ever be harmed in ways that your body and human mind can be, you are as free as the angels that protect you once your time is finished here.

I hope I have convinced you to contact this wonderfully kind, compassionate and understanding man for a reading. I really do! The phone number is 508-818-0619. Its $40.00 for the first hour and if successful $20.00 for each additional. If not successful at all its no charge which is cool. Most charge you either way.

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