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There are a host of Online Psychic Chat Platforms to choose from these days. When it comes to real psychics, the possibilities are enormous. They can reveal the deepest of secrets about your past, present and future, provide spiritual guidance for a better lifestyle, help you achieve success in whatever you do and even aid through your spiritual ascension. But for all this, the psychic has got to be genuine. By using the networks with a good rating and review system you can be sure of getting real insight.

Today, there are so many platforms available online where you can live chat with your preferred psychic and get some real answers. While some are just looking to make a few quick bucks, there are indeed genuine platforms that take great care in choosing the psychics they employ.  

For instance, here are seven good online platforms for live chatting with psychics:


Probably one of the best Online Psychic Chat Platforms, Kasamba has thousands of gifted experts to choose from. There are all sorts of people here: spiritual healers, career advisors, matchmakers, tarot readers, dream psychics, astrologers and so forth. Their rates vary from $5-$20 per minute, and the first 3 minutes on joining the site is free. All psychics go through a strict approval procedure before being live on the site, ensuring that you receive only quality advice. Further, they avail full-fledged video chats for you to talk your heart out while still maintaining privacy.

Top 7 Platforms for Online Psychic Chats

Live Psychics Network

One of the growing communities of online psychics ready for advice, the Live Psychic Network tests each of their psychics to perfection before approval. Like Kasamba, they will offer you the first 3 minutes for free, plus an additional 50% off on your entire session! From then on, rates vary from $5-$25 per minute, depending on the popularity and online reputation of said psychic. These chats imply no verbal or face-to-face contact, and are text only. While this may sound like a bummer, it actually has its advantages. Since the psychics don’t get to cold read you based on your behavior, there is reduced chances of forgery. Live Psychics Network is thus one site to watch out for!

Psychic Chat

Another great platform for psychic chats, Psychic Chat offers love psychics, tarot readers, mediums, healers, astrologers and clairvoyants. They too, offer a first reading for free. The site is of repute and drives considerable traffic. The layout is clean and not misleading in any way. Chats are conducted through text only. Check it here!

Psychic Contact

This site receives special importance as it has been online for 15 years. They offer an online Psychic Chat Platform with a huge community of psychics. First three minutes are free as usual. Plus, prices are comparatively lower, at just $5 per 10 minutes, as compared to a double rate for one minute on most other platforms. They allow you to browse through a catalog of psychics and choose the one you like best. Then, you even get to review your psychic based on your experience, and other customers will be able to read your review before purchasing.

Starz Psychics

The site has a good overall feel, and prices, once again, are comparatively lower at $10 per 5 minutes. Their services are available 24-7. You can find psychics based on their abilities and popularity, even their times of availability. The website is active on social media and accepts payments through Paypal, which is an additional security as you can dispute your monetary transaction in case you are dissatisfied. They even have a blog and a podcast, keeping their website new and fresh.

Scientific Psychic

Let’s face it, the site has a vintage look and not much of showiness to speak off. In its defense, it concentrates more on providing quality readings than bringing in clients. Same 3 minutes + 50% off offer applies. They have several psychics, an entire community of them, although the most popular two are Madame Flora and Madame Karima, who are always listed at the top of their charts. Most psychics charge at least $5 per minute, so this is not one of the cheaper ones.

Ask Now

A great site with a growing community of top-rated psychics. They have separate chatrooms, and there is no need to download special software or register for the website to get started. Each psychic sets their own pricing, which is similar to telephone rates charged by these psychics. Chatting, once again, is text only, so no madams with crystal balls! 

Your Best Online Psychic Chat Platforms?

This is just some of the online platforms to chat with psychics that are available. If you give them a try let us know if you liked them. Click here to submit your online psychic chat reviews.

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