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Past, Present and Future

by Braxton Hope
(Beverly Hills, CA)

Skeptics often question how anyone can know the future before it happens. But to a skilled psychic - past, present and future are all seen as a part of the same landscape. Time and space exist only in the mind and nowhere else. In fact ultimately time and space are a complete illusion. However, if you live in that illusion, as all of us human beings do, then the illusion is pretty real.

On a more cosmic and spiritual level, everything has already happened. It's also about to happen and it's also happening right now. That may be a lot to grasp but it's the way things are. At the risk of sounding too out there, if there ever was a Big Bang it is about to happen and it already happened. Such is the illusory nature of time and space.

Does the mind exist in time or does time exist in the mind? These might seem like heady philosophical questions and to some may even sound like splitting hairs. But from where I sit these are the questions that matter most. By being able to access time and space from a different angle I have been able to help literally thousands of people from all over the globe to better understand what is coming up for them in the future and often times change the future for the better - into something that brings greater happiness and more fulfillment.

Braxton Hope
Psychic Reader

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