Physic Reading - by Jane

by Jenny

I went to see Jane to have my tarot cards read. She immediately made me feel at ease and had a lovely feel about her. Made me feel safe which was nice as I was very nervous. She was different to other readers I went to as she seemed to use the cards more as a guide than reading them as I had in the past. She brought my Dad up and I got a little concerned as my Mother always comes through. But on this occasion she told me that my Dad wanted to have his say. The things she told me - particularly about the type of man he was and his brown trousers - which was a family joke was unbelievable. I went with a friend and she was impressed also with the messages she gave her. I would recommend Jane highly to others. I believe she will do reading other the phone or via email also. She is based near Shrewsbury and her mobile number is 07836750838.

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