Psychic Affiliate Programs

My recommended psychic affiliate programs are listed on this page. 

LifeReader Psychics

One of the newer psychic affiliate programs I've found is with LifeReader. They run the full gamut of Clairvoyants, Tarot Readers, Astrology Readers, and Mind Body Spirit experts. 

To become an affiliate for LifeReader you will first need to 'Create An Affiliate Account' with the CommissionFactory. Then in the page listing their Advertisers you should do a search for LifeReader or just search the keyword 'psychic'.

More Psychic Affiliate Programs

LivePerson/Kassamba is a significant Psychic Affiliate income generator on my site.

The Self Development Network™ have several psychic affiliate programs available. This link will take you straight to their central affiliate sign up page.

The affiliate programs from the Self Development Network I most use are:

  • Be Psychic – The ultimate course in Psychic Development
  • The Absolute Secret - Following the success of The Secret DVD since presented on Oprah, this alternative source of information for learning the Law of Attraction is great for those wanting more know-how than the DVD and book by Rhonda Byrne can provide.

ShareASale has over 2,500 merchants with only one or two suitable for psychic websites among them. Sara Freda is the main psychic referral program to look for here once you have joined ShareASale.

These hypnosis affiliate programs can also make a good fit on a psychic website if you have the relevant content.

You can also find some good affiliate programs suitable for psychic sites in CJ (,, and


Oranum's affiliate programs for psychic sites are quite good too.

They offer two easy ways to earn with their premium esoteric video chat community. 

I especially like the like the Payoneer Account and Debit Card because it is a great option if you're looking to get paid fast. If you already have the Payoneer card, you simply add Oranum to your existing card.

Dependent on your level of web wizardry you will find their marketing materials useful. They currently include: Live feeds, XML feed, Link and Banner codes, etc.

Some benefits of an Oranum Affiliate Partnership are:

  • White Label - You can get your own Oranum! They will provide the layout, the content, the technical assistance, all you have to do is purchase the domain name you desire.
  • Co-Branded page - If you already have a webpage that works for you, but you still want to include Oranum in your site they can create a Co-Branded page which you insert into your own website, all they do is add some content 
  • CPA program - Oranum's Cost Per Action affiliate program matches the highest in the industry.
  • Commission program - Alliteratively, Oranum offers a split on lifetime revenue from the clients you send providing true residual income.
  • Webmaster referral - More residual commissions are available by referring other webmasters (Like I'm doing now!) 
  • Expert referral - Send Esoteric experts to them and you can get even more ongoing revenue share.
Oranum Psychic Affiliate Partnership
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