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A Tarot Taurean

by Katie-Ellen

I'm a Tarot reader, not an Astrologer, but I'm a Taurus subject, born 30 April, and I like its association with the ancient Nordic rune Uruz, rune of stamina and strength. I'm generally a placid bull or should I say, cow (I can say it, no-one else, snort) and a long illness has taught me to discover and be thankful for my Taurean reserves of resilience and endurance. And while I am certainly open to reason, especially spoken with respect and kindness, I won't be pushed or driven, and if goaded, may politely stamp a hoof and if that's ignored, churn some turf, and if that's ignored, charge. Thus far, the archetype rings true with this here individual example.

Taurus sometimes makes an appearance during Tarot readings, when it makes its presence via The Hierophant card, or the court cards of the suit of Pentacles (also known as Coins or Discs) For example, a Queen of Coins card will often alert me to the fact I am reading for a lady born under one of the earth signs, Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn. The Hierophant may indicate to me that an event or a development might be expected to happen during the reign of Taurus: 22 April to 21 May.

I love The Bull, he is the sign of singers and dancers too, the world over, and I am happy to claim this totem, to look up at the constellations and see red Aldebaran, the eye of The Bull looking down from his celestial meadows. Should The Bull get loose, an ancient Arab legend says, he will stampede the Universe to pieces and it will be the end of things for all time. Oo-er. Let's hope he is happy up there, with good grazing, and plenty of sweet clover and bright buttercups to look at, and no gad-flies to bother him.

People sometimes say Astrology must be rubbish, because their weekly newspaper horoscopes don't seem relevant or meaningful. That's not a sound basis for judgment, because what they are reading is a generic forecast, not individual to them. Your sun sign is the biggest clue to your qualities, and there should be resonance, but it's only a fraction of your astrological chart, whichever sun sign you were born under.

What degree and manner of Taurus you are, just how archetypal, will be reflected by the other planets and their positions in your birthchart, just as with all the other signs. You might find, for instance, that if you know your Ascendant - mine is Virgo- that the weekly horoscope for that sign might seem a better fit.

As a Tarot reader, I consult my cards first should I feel a need, but Astrology fascinates, not least because it's a great study, and so rich in cultural and mythical references. Sometimes I look at different horoscopes for extra clues or insights in respect of what's currently going on.

For instance, I know from my personal chart drawn up by an astrologer friend, that I have Jupiter in Aries. Jupiter is associated with ambition, optimism, expansiveness, so I may read Aries for insights about work projects. I have the Moon in Leo, what a drama queen, so I may look there for comments about mood and relationships. I have Mercury in Gemini, so while Taurus is characterized by a habit of careful deliberation and cautious speech, I'm quick-spoken, and sometimes restless, and I seek change. Taurus is known for his preoccupation with the material things of this world. Well, ahem, one tries to deal with all essential matters efficiently, and to be a provider to one's family, but the immaterial is tangible in its effects. Feelings drive actions with observable consequences; we bulls operate on instinct, after all.

If you feel the horoscopes for Taurus rarely seem 'right', this may be because you are reading a generic forecast. If you are interested in seeing your full portrait as a Taurean subject, consider getting your individual chart drawn up. To get this done, an astrologer will require to know your date, and place of birth, and time if you know it.

Happy grazing, fellow bulls.

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