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Mythology: Sea Goat

Gemology: White Onyx and Moonstone

Metallurgy: Lead

Colorology: Indigo

Ruled By: Saturn

Physiology: Can be short and slender, dark silky hair, pale complexion and small eyes. Small pointed chin and speech impediments in young Capricorns. Low vitality in youth but often develop tenacity with maturity and have very long life expectancy.

Characteristics: Ambitious and tenacious, but can be melancholic and / or secretive. Good at solving problems. The Capricorn can be rather calculative in seeking retribution.

Planets in the rising sign: If the Capricorn has the Sun rising, he or she will be more just, honorable and very enterprising.

Famous Capricorn Horoscope Junkies

Famous Capricorn Horoscope Junkies

You’re in the Great Company of These Famous Capricorns:

Michelle Obama, Ricky Martin, Lady Bird Johnson, Nicholas Cage, Cary Grant, Rudyard Kipling, Sir Isaac Newton, P. Yogananda, Louis Pasteur, Joan of Arc, Elvis Presley, Danny Kaye, Richard Nixon, Ava Gardner, Benjamin Franklin, Joan Baez, J. D. Salinger, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Barry Goldwater, Henri Matisse, Kate Middleton, Pablo Casals, Cassius Clay, Kit Carson,  Liam Hemsworth, Joseph Stalin, Howard Hughes, Me :-), Nostradamus, Bradley Cooper, Tiger Woods, Helena Rubinstein, Conrad Hilton, Carlos Castaneda, Marlene Dietrich, Rudyard Kipling, John Denver, J.R. Tolkien, Jim Carrey,  Jude Law, Mel Gibson, Alan Watts, Al Capone, Denzel Washington, Dolly Parton, Kate Moss, Ellen Degeneres, Patrick Dempsey, Eddie Redmayne.

Sun In CapricornSun In Capricorn

When the Sun Shines on a Capricorn Horoscope Junkie

This is a good sign, one that can see you rise in life by the aid of the good-will of people in a higher position than yourself; it shows that you will merit their trust and acquit yourself well in a position of responsibility and trust; it makes you careful, prudent, faithful and honest. 

Judges with that position cannot be bought but will administer justice as they see it, to all comers. It gives you an all round love of fair play and wins you the respect and esteem of all in your circle of influence.

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