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My birthday is September 18, 1990. I am an indigo person. When I was born, one of my mother’s friends, who is an astrologer, made me a personalized Natal Chart. This chart has been (to my dismay) lost in our move from California to Michigan. I have done a free natal chart on line, and this brings me some horoscope-ical solace, but it still leaves much to be desired.

I do not feel like a Virgo at all though, and this is very confusing to me. I am intelligent, but I don't look at all like a Virgo, my eyes are bright and large. I have extremely strong will power, and I am not nit-picky at all really. I am messy, and probably the least conservative person I know. I am open and bubbly except when I get flustered with humanity, at which point I am irritable and grumpy. I enjoy eclectic things like an Aquarius. I am artistic and creative. Some traits fit, but for the most part, they don't. Can someone help me figure this out please?

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My site might be of interest to you. It is

There Are Loads Of Sites To Get Help At.
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Hello, do not despair. Do not try and "fit into" the standard, Virgos are like -------. You need to look at your entire chart. How many planets are in Virgo? Are the planets in Virgo exalted/in fall? If the planets are in fall, their power is weakened.
What are the degrees of the planets in the sign? For example, Jupiter or any planet acts differently in 0 degrees as opposed to 30 degrees of a particular sign.
Are your planets in retrograde??? This is significant from the stand point of past life information.
Also, what does your transiting chart say to your natal chart? When planets make connections to planets in your natal chart, this sets off things(processes, events etc.
There are a number of excellent websites where astrologers meet and discuss charts, planets etc..
Check out Astrologers Community, ASTROTABLETALK and many other sites.
There are many wonderful sites with people who are very knowledgeable and eager to help.

Peace to You

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