Will Developing Extra Sensory Perception
(ESP) Make You Supernatural?

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Developing extra sensory perception is possible because at the higher levels everything is inter-connected. You can learn to access to those connections.ESP is innate and quite natural.

To me it is incongruous to believe in a higher universal power and not establish the strongest, clearest connections to that power. We live on a three dimensional physical planet which exists in a many dimensional universe.

Some people are naturally talented with their ESP and some have to be taught to recognize it. But I have never had a student who did not succeed in developing extra sensory perception at some level. 

Developing Extra Sensory Perception

In the psychic realm, many of the rules are reversed: - physical dimensions of time and distance become the illusions, but mind, spirit, soul and awareness of being become the realities; and real they are.

Your sixth sense brings with it its own set of disciplines. To a person who is used to dealing with the 'practical world' this might seem to be 'hocus pocus'. However if you bear with me you will find there is another world out there.

Is there such a thing as extrasensory perception?

  • The initial connection to your ESP is made via your imagination, so in the beginning you may think you are imagining things, but with a little discipline and practice you will find that things you see in your imagination come to be! There really is a fine line between your imagination and your extrasensory perception. With practice, you learn to discern one from the other. 

This poses the question - do events happen because we imagine them, or are we seeing things before they happen? When we get to the more advanced psychic development training you will find that this is actually a two way street.

Normally we get little premonitions all the time, (usually ignored), i.e.

  • "I just knew that was going to happen."
  • "I was just thinking exactly that the other day"
  • "I was just saying to so and so the other day ....".

I call receiving these little premonitions "listening to the whispers", because that is what they are, they are the outer edge of psychic awareness.

When you are about to make a major decision, and it doesn't 'feel' right, although the facts support it, do you go ahead or not? Do you listen to the whispers or go with the logic?

Did you know that in the psychic reality you can not ask a question unless you know the answer? This reduces problem solving to asking the right questions, not finding the right answers! Of course this is dependent on you accepting the given answer. Ask the right question and you will be given the answer.

How often have you asked a question only to have the answer flash into your conscious mind immediately? It was there all the time. Some stimulus, (asking the question) was needed to bring it up from your subconscious (or wherever)! In this case, the question provided the psychic connection.

A Clairvoyant Tarot reader does not 'read' the cards, but uses them to provide psychic connections. That is, they prompt questions. Many astrologers use astrological charts as a key to the psychic realm also.

There is no 'magic bullet' to becoming more psychic, it is a process of growth, an increasing awareness which needs to be practiced regularly.  - Awareness Brings More Awareness. As you become more psychic - you will become more psychic!!! With practice you will establish a "Psychic Antenna", which receives messages and impressions at will.

If you are not already developing extra sensory perception - there is a whole universe out there waiting to be discovered.

Author - Richi Who

The Late: Richi Who

I first met 'Richi Who' (AKA Richard Philippe) in 1986 when I had moved to Magnetic Island in Queensland. Richi was leading a mystical, monkish, life at the time. He was living alone while caretaking the solitary house at Arthur Bay for its owner, the late, Sid Ward.

Richi became an integral part of my own spiritual initiation and was to become my psychic guide. His late-night mystic sessions on Arthur Bay filled my life with wonder while opening doors to other worlds.  

Richi later became the first psychic reader I retained at my Ancient Wisdom Center and we stayed friends ever since.  Sadly Richi Who passed away in 2013 while on holiday in Europe. Happily he reconnected and is now one of my spirit guides.

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