Experienced Psychic Reader

You may be interested in my article about experienced psychic readers for one of the following two reasons.

  1. You are the client and you are trying to find an  for some insight and guidance.
  2. You are the psychic reader and you want to do business online.

So, starting with 1, you are prospective customer looking for a great psychic reader. The key word here is experienced. You want a psychic who has been doing this work for long enough to know what he/she is doing. One who is able to give accurate psychic advice, over and over again, not just the occasional fluke.

Personal recommendation is about the best way to connect with a good psychic. But for many people, seeking psychic advise is a rather personal affair and you may not want to talk about your desire to connect with a psychic with friends. So, failing that, the next best way is to look at the feedback and testimonials from past clients.

Two main companies dominate the online psychic advice business. One is Keen and the other is Kasamba. Both are good, well established, organizations providing facilities for the independent psychic reader to connect with a client and charge for providing psychic advice online and over the phone. And both have genuine review sections.

The beauty of the rating systems on both Keen and Kasamba is that only paying clients can leave reviews so it makes it difficult for these psychics to fraudulently obtain good feedback. If a paying client isn’t happy, they will let you know!

You can read both of the pages below for more about choosing an accurate psychic via these well established providers. You will be able to locate plenty of experienced psychics and if you are a first time user you will also receive special introductory offers.

Keen Psychic Reading vs. Kasamba Psychic Reading

Experienced Psychic Readers

2) YOU are an Experienced Psychic Reader

And if you are in this second category, You are a psychic with experience and you want to learn about giving telephone and/or online psychic advice professionally then you would be best reading through my pages about the various resources available to you

If you are already set up and open for business and want to be able to promote yourself more, then you should visit my page about writing a free advertorial page on this site.

There is a third category for this section. You may KNOW an experienced psychic and want to write a review and make your recommendation to others. 

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› Experienced Psychic Reader