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Gemini in Short

by Jo
(Brisbane, Australia)

Easily bored. Frustrated by those who cannot keep up with them intellectually or conversationally. Loves to debate any topic, often simply for the fun of it and the satisfaction of outwitting another. Gemini is incorrigibly curious and worships knowledge for its own sake. They know at least a little about almost any topic imaginable. People born under this sign are adept at doublethink and somewhat prone to cognitive dissonance.

Quick to become infatuated and just as quick to lose interest and move on to the next exciting hobby or interest. Gemini is full of ideas and loves to start new things, but rarely do they find the drive to see a project through to completion.

Gemini are quick-witted and bright. They love conversation and enjoy making people laugh. Being the center of attention is no problem for a Twin. They do not take themselves overly seriously. More so than other signs, Gemini will easily and naturally adapt to different people or situations. They tend to be popular or well-liked; on the other hand some people will find Gemini unbearably annoying.

This sign is not unemotional, but can sometimes be seen as cold or emotionally distant by those closest to them. Their affections can change on a whim.

Gemini children tend to have a flair for the dramatic and are prone to showing off. They will eagerly take the lead in group situations. Parents are advised to praise their Gemini child's effort and hard work rather than their natural cleverness, as this will go far in countering Gemini's laziness and lack of motivation.

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Tweeter Scopes
by: Sue

Gemini in love can sometimes appear to be cool and distant towards their partner but that is because they are usually deep in thought, they prefer to think hard before they act accordingly to any situation. Gemini despise impulsiveness though they can possess this very trait themselves. Gemini also has a nervous disposition, which they hide very well but they do enjoy new experiences and show enthusiasm in almost everything.



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