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How to do Reiki (Psychic Healing)

by Manajiwinp

My visualization of Reiki flowing out (Except the lights are brighter in my case)

My visualization of Reiki flowing out (Except the lights are brighter in my case)

From my Experience, to do the Psychic Healing known as Reiki, all you have to do is:

1. Relax (any form of relaxation, like breathing, drinking, or listening to music etc.)

2. Put your hands over or on the person/area you’re healing.

3. To start it up you can rub your hands together. (When I do this I can feel heat and little vibrations in my hand)

4.To help the ability you can grab some stones and/or crystals. And visualization/imagination also helps.

5.You will probably feel the Reiki energy getting hot, or cold depending on what color/temperature you want it to be.

6. Visualize the light flowing outward from your hand onto the affected area, and ask if they can feel it to make sure. I visualize little lights or stars flowing outward, it could be like little snowflakes flowing out or little shocking lights that paralyze the negatively hurt area. (May be hot or cold)

7. Research aura colors and understand what they're used for. When I practiced on my Mother’s wrist I imagined a light blue color, similar to ice. She said it felt like it was crackling cold. I visualized the blue energy freezing off the bad/negative energy in where it hurt, somewhat like ice melting.

8. Also research Reiki symbols, and draw or visualize them on your palm. They can be affective, depending how you use them. (ex. Cho Ku Ray = The Power symbol, this one gives you energy thus making it more effective on your hands.)

I hope this helps everyone out!

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