Leo 2012 Predictions

Leo 2012 Predictions (July 23 - August 22)

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Leos, those dominating and incredibly dynamic individuals who were born between July 23rd and August 22nd and represented in the zodiac by the majestic lion, are typically attractive, both inside and out, boasting a number of other positive attributes. These inherently creative sun signs often carry with them an imposing presence along with possessing great ambition and an outgoing nature that usually results in being the admiration of many.

The 2012 yearly horoscope for Leo brings with it some promising news peppered with a few unexpected roadblocks along with way. But, the mighty Lion should be able to persevere through any adversities this year thanks to their never ending courageousness and great ability to succeed despite the odds.

  • Love and Relationships: Leo 2012 Predictions

Problems related to marriage or personal relationships prove to be the most trying of all challenges that Leo must face in 2012. A general lack of understanding between the Lion and their significant others that is allowed to deepen and fester as the months wear on could lead to potentially serious difficulties, especially toward the latter portion of the year.

However, most Leos will be able to successfully mend their relationships near the end of the year as December brings with it the best time for resolving issues, provided, of course, that they rely on their usual disciplined approach to all problems. Keeping a calm demeanor and an even temper while handling even the most delicate of situations will eventually bring about stability and harmony on the home front.

  • Career and Finance: Leo 2012 Predictions

Leo tends to excel in all of their career goals or choices while making wise financial decisions and this year looks to be no different. Interactions between peers and superiors are favorable throughout 2012, and for Lions with their own business, the beginning of the year could be rather prosperous while others may enjoy pay increases or promotions during the first six months.

Some lucrative business ventures could present themselves midway through the year allowing Leo to continue building their sound financial position. The end of 2012 is the ideal time for Leos who are searching for better career related opportunities and also for those who are busy furthering their education. The first two quarters of the new year could be difficult for students, especially in terms of finances, but patience and the last six months bring about more promising prospects.

  • Health: Leo 2012 Predictions

Leo may notice a few minor ailments throughout the year, none anything serious to worry about but some possibly troubling nevertheless. Watch for any nagging illnesses related to digestion or circulation along with potential back problems and a general sense of fatigue.

With a conscious effort to slow down and remember that taking care of our minds and bodies is the foundation for a long, happy life, the Lion should fare well and enjoy an uneventful year in matters of health and wellness.

Leo 2012 Predictions

In surviving 2012 Leo may face a few setbacks but overall there should be more positive than negative situations, circumstances, and issues to deal with leaving the king of the zodiac able to happily continue ruling the forest.

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