Leo 2018 Predictions

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Leo 2018 Predictions for Love, Career, and Health

Leo 2018 Predictions for Love, Career, and Health

Leo 2018 Predictions for Love
Neptune will leave its current domain and move on to its home sign of Pisces on February 4th, ending a less than favorable period for you. Struggles and endless arguments will make way for a new chapter in your love life which, unfortunately, will be only marginally better. Instead of an overly intense relationship, you will find yourself single and ready to mingle but with few prospective candidates to pique your interest. You will shine and parties and family gatherings but for several months the romantic aspect of your life will remain stagnant. This will slowly change only as Uranus transits through an expansive area of your solar chart. Your familiar way of thinking and interpreting the world around you is likely change, perhaps in ways you never knew possible. Plans for the future could suddenly take you off in a whole new direction. In these circumstances, it is not impossible to imagine you establishing a long-distance relationship, perhaps needing to plan trips abroad in order to spend some quality time with your new partner. You may need to rely on the internet to stay in touch for a while but it could be path worth pursuing one step at a time. Moving to a new country in the years to come might be just what you need.

Leo 2018 Predictions for Career
Early in 2018, both Uranus and Saturn enforcing their strong energy will help you complete all your pending tasks and impress your seniors with your excellent performance. You will gain respect and recognition, with even your rivals admitting to your intelligence and keen eye for detail. Still, lack of confidence is something you might struggle with for a good part of the year. People's comments may sting more than usual, prompting you to stay away from petty talk and gossip. It will take a while for you to rebuild the belief in yourself but it won't be an impossible task. Persevere. Tangible financial results of all your hard work are just around the corner too. With Mars staying in Virgo until July, you will be provided with a solid ground for further business endeavors. Time is also favorable for students, especially those planning to continue their studies abroad. Anyone associated with the food industry is likely to prosper, and so are those employed in the real estate sector.

Leo 2018 Predictions for Health
Allergies are in the stars for most Leos this year, along with minor digestive problems such as gluten intolerance or coeliac disease. Still, you will manage to remain very active and energetic throughout by sheer force of will. A well-organized diet and exercise regimen would go a long way in improving your overall health and enabling you to push through any chronic illnesses or seasonal allergies. Of course, being the proud, health-conscious Leo, you already know that, which is why any disease that may befall you will have a much weaker effect on your system than it would on that of any other sign. Ladies expecting a baby are strongly advised to take good care of their overall well-being, minimize any source of stress, and devote time to enjoying their current state.

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by: Ian

Thanks for the favorable forecasts Stefantastic.

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