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Mythology: The Scales

Gemology: Diamond and Opal

Metallurgy: Copper

Colorology: Yellow

Ruled By: Venus

Physiology: Psychically elegant with slender body, well shaped hands and feet, smooth complexion, and kindness shining from soft blue eyes. Librans smile gracefully with a well formed mouth and fine teeth.

Characteristics: Libra people are strongly affectionate in family and relationships making them very loving partners, siblings and parents. But they can be moody and changeable with no half-way measures in the swing of their judgment. The Libra can adapt well to changing circumstances and can easily pick themselves up after setbacks.

Planets in the rising sign: Venus rising in Libra promotes artistic ability. With Saturn rising turning their mind towards scientific endeavors.

Sun In LibraSun In Libra

When The Sun Shines On Libra Horoscope Junkies

Libra is ruled by Venus and is the seventh sign, hence the Sun in Libra combines the influence of Venus with that of the Sun and the Seventh house, with the result that you love your spouse or partner so devotedly that you tend to exclude everyone else; for of a person with that position it may truly be said that "the Sun rises and sets" in the marriage partner. 

Libra is also the exaltation sign of Saturn, and his influence is there at its best, giving an element of construction to the art of Venus. This is brought about as an ability for architecture and the finer branches of decorative construction when the Sun is in Libra. 

This position can also give you a fine, sonorous voice and vocal talent. 

Famous Libra Horoscope Junkies

Famous Libra Horoscope Junkies

You’re in the Great Company of These Famous Librans:

Hugh Jackman, Matt Damon, Zac Efron, Margaret Thatcher, Dwight D. Eisenhower, William Faulkner, Ed Sullivan, Julie Andrews, Oscar Wilde, Johnny Carson, Helen Hayes, Mohandas K. Gandhi, Pope Paul VI, John Lennon, Eleanor Roosevelt, Al Capp, Vladimir Horowitz, Vladimir Putin, David Cameron, Le Corbusier, Juan Peron, Martina Navratilova, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Michael Douglas, Christopher Reeve, Giuseppe Verdi, Catherine Zeta Jones, Suzanne Somers, Serena Williams, Hilary Duff, Mickey Rooney, Brigitte Bardot, T.S. Elliot, F. Scott Fitzgerald,  Julio Iglesias, Sting, Olivia Newton John, Kate Winslet, Charlton Heston, Clive Owen, Aleister Crowley, Franz Liszt, Timothy Leary, Susan Sarandon, Susan Hayworth, Sigourney Weaver, Naomi Watts, Eminem, Will Smith.

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