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Psychic Healing Methods and Techniques

 - by Richi Who

Psychic Healing, also known as Energy Healing or Spiritual Healing, is the channeling of energy by the healer to re-energize the patient.

Psychic Healing often helps with the speed and extent of recovery from serious illness and major surgery and from the after effects of chemotherapy and radiation therapy. It complements conventional and natural medicine. 

Over the centuries, miraculous recoveries from illnesses have been associated with the work of God, saints, healers and shamans.

Depending on the circumstances, we describe these forms of recovery with terms like psychic healing, spiritual healing, faith healing, laying-on-of-hands, etc.

What is common to all these phenomena is that a person has recovered from illness or injury without the use of any known curative agents - whether physical or psychological.

Psychic Healing
  • The only person who can heal you is you.
  • This is a law of nature.
  • Your marvellous body is normally capable of healing itself.
  • In certain situations the body needs help in this process.
  • If your arm is broken, a doctor can set the break.
  • Perhaps surgery will be necessary.
  • But it is your body which ultimately performs the healing.

The job of Psychic Healing is to help your body in its own healing processes. Not only that, but many methods of alternative, non-traditional medicine can detect imbalances in the body’s natural flow which have not yet become a physical problem.

The Life Force

Every living thing has about it a field of living energy. This energy is the Universal life force. The movie term 'may the force be with you', whilst misdirected, is not as far out as it seems. 

Exercise - Rub your hands together lightly for a second or so, now hold your hands about 1cm. (half inch) apart, palms facing each other.  You will feel a warmth between them which decreases with distance and increases as they are brought closer together.  This is the life force.

When/if you have learnt to see auras you may be able to perceive this energy. If you get two or more people (the more the better), standing in a circle, link hands palm to palm, but not actually touching, and you will feel the force in abundance. 

If one person "breaks the chain" by lifting their hand you will be left in no doubt that the force was real. A group linking of life force like this is termed a circle of power. If the total force is directed at one person of the group, they can beam this energy to someone who is in need of psychic healing.

Energy Flow

Energy flow therapies fall into two general categories.

1 - Those therapies which either do not touch you directly or touch you only lightly. This can include such things as:

  • Psychic Healing
  • Reiki
  • Crystal Healing
  • Chakra Balancing
  • Aura manipulation

2 - Harder forms which include:

  • Shiatzu
  • Acupuncture
  • Reflexology
  • Deep Tissue Therapy
  • Rolfing

In some instances, there may be a slight discomfort associated with some of the hard techniques.

Psychic Healing

I am making a distinction between Psychic Healing and Reiki because the practitioners see their methods as being very different. My own take on the two is that Psychic Healers have a natural talent for channeling healing by the laying on of hands to concentrate the life force, even being able to absorb the condition into themselves. Reiki is a skill which can be taught to anyone. The process of opening to the Universal Life Energy and channeling this energy to the patient are covered in Reiki courses which cover three levels of ability and proficiency.


Reiki Healing- Faye

Reiki is a safe, effective psychic healing system that uses Universal Life Energy to help dissolve problems and return the body, mind, emotions and spirit to their natural perfect state. Literally translated, Reiki means Universal Life Energy. The Reiki Healer channels Universal Life Energy through the hands into the receiver's body and aura.

Unlike massage, there is no body manipulation - the energy is transferred simply by placing the hands lightly on the body in a sequence of positions lasting around 3-5 minutes each.

Reiki sessions can be as short as 5 minutes or as long as an hour or more, and can be given with the receiver in a seated position or lying down.

Reiki can also be given through Distance Healing when the receiver is not physically present, as we are all connected by Universal Life Energy at the spiritual level.

You do not have to be ill to benefit from receiving Reiki energy, as it also provides limitless benefits of physical, mental and emotional balance as well as spiritual growth for both the healer and the receiver.

During the Reiki healing session it is common for either the healer and/or the receiver to experience heat, tingling, deep peace, or feelings ranging from very subtle to very obvious.

Reiki is an ancient art that has been practiced by many cultures, and is not affiliated with any particular religion.


Shiatsu is a form of Oriental Therapy evolved from a 5000 years old tradition of healing arts. It utilizes a combination of pressure and assisted-stretching techniques, some of which are common to other therapies, such as Massage, Physiotherapy, Acupressure, Osteopathy, Lymphatic Drainage, Do-in and others.

The Shiatsu treatment:

  • stimulates the circulation and the flow of lymphatic fluid
  • releases toxins and deep seated tensions from the muscles
  • stimulates the hormonal system and the immune system
  • and acts on the autonomic nervous system

Thus allowing the recipient to relax deeply and to get in touch with own healing power.


Reflexology or zone therapy, is the practice of stimulating particular points on the feet, hands, or ears, which represent different organs and areas of the body. The most common form is foot reflexology.

Practitioners believe the foot to be divided into a number of reflex zones corresponding to all parts of the body, and that applying pressure to tight or sensitive areas of a person's foot will stimulate the corresponding body part and cause it to begin healing itself.

In reflexology, it is believed that there is a "vital energy" that is circulating between organs of the human body, that penetrates into every living cell.

Whenever this energy is blocked, the corresponding organ will be affected.

Therefore, if someone has a problem in a particular organ, a reflexologist will press or massage the corresponding reflex zone or zones until sensitivity is felt.

This sensitivity is claimed to originate from the deposition of crystals in the reflex zone and, with massage, these crystalline structures can be broken down and the pain relieved.  Simultaneously, the pressure applied to the reflex zones by the reflexologist is claimed to pass through the nerves to dissipate energy blocks.

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