Scorpio 2018 Predictions

by Stefantastic

Scorpio 2018 Predictions for Love, Career, and Health

Scorpio 2018 Predictions for Love, Career, and Health

Scorpio 2018 Predictions for Love
It is time to enter into a new phase and leave the past behind. Troubles and memories are best left to oblivion. You are the central character in the story that is the year ahead. Don't dwell in the past and don't embrace solitude for it can only make old wounds hurt the more. Instead, go out and make new friends. It may not lead you to the love of your life just yet but it will bring you enough interesting new faces that are sure to pique your interest and get your romantic juices flowing anew. Still, be sure not to get too distracted or other areas of your life (especially work) might suffer. Instead, take a balanced approach, and don't be afraid to be playful and open to new possibilities. Those whose relationships survived the turmoil of late 2017 are advised to be less domineering of their partner as they may risk losing them. Arguments and heated discussions about money are more than likely, so be cautious and don't say something you may regret later.

Scorpio 2018 Predictions for Career
The negative impact of the previous year will quickly be washed away and you will be infused with new energy and zeal to start afresh. January would be a good time to sail into new ventures but not before you put all your ideas to paper and rationally judge which plans are truly viable and which should be shelved for the foreseeable future. Summer will allow you to kickstart any new business or initiate a change of job. Those in the field of medical care and nursing are most likely to find deep satisfaction and fulfillment with their day-to-day work. Stress and work overload is in the stars for those in the corporate world. Employees you may be in charge of are likely to try and undermine your authority so keep an open eye both for their general behavior and your sales books. Be patient and tenacious, do not complain, and use whatever resources you have to climb the ladder. The year's end will find you higher up than before.

Scorpio 2018 Predictions for Health
For most of 2018 you will remain very healthy. A sense of freedom will prevail around you and Saturn will help you lead a life of peace and satisfaction. Still, chances are that, as months roll by, the work load may accumulate to such an extent so that it makes a nervous breakdown a realistic possibility. Don't allow this to happen and make an effort to create a good work-life balance without overburdening yourself in any way. Maintaining good health is far more important that any financial reward. Same goes for partying too hard or abusing any illegal substances. Moderation is key in keeping the natural balance that your body has. If you take good care of it, its immune system will protect you accordingly and you won't have to face so much as a cold. Stay wise and stay healthy.

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by: Ian

Thanks Stefantastic. Your accomplished astrological vision is appreciated.

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