Scorpion Mother

by Michelle

Just browsing around here, but thought I'd share my personal favorite. A psychic named who by Scorpion Mother online, was recommended to me by my cousin. I was never big into psychics. Not a huge skeptic, I think I wanted to believe but I didn't have any real "proof" to make me believe. I always thought my cousin was wasting his money, and when his predictions came true I would chalk it up to coincidence. But the thing is, my cousin is no dummy. He's a very talented, professional, successful guy. He is a business investor and he owns finance companies in 11 states. I'm just a single working mother near bankrupt, so I started comparing our lives and thinking I needed to do something different. I started getting curious about psychics, so I contacted my cousin and he gave me the contact info for Scorpion Mother.

I didn't tell her that I was referred to her by my cousin, but she knew that I came to her through one of her clients! I have contacted her several times in the last three years. She is very reliable and consistent with her guidance, not wishy-washy. She always remembers me and makes me feel welcome. And I always feel like I'm leaving with something I can USE...she gives tools, meditations, reading material, affirmations and exercises to work on whatever I'm trying to achieve. I never feel like I didn't get my money's worth. I have to admit, her guidance and advice have helped me get through the roughest times of my life.

She does readings by phone, chat & email

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