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Truly Good People

by Natisha

I find that Sagittarians are one of the most forgotten about of the zodiac because of our good hearts.

We tend to think everyone sees the best as we do, but people don't like to be around us too long because were honest and tell you like it is.

But people don't understand us the way we might come off as bossy but we mean well. I mean if I have to think for ya oh well allergic to stupidity!

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by: Starr

Being honest and being frank are two different things. It is all about aditude. If you deliver the truth honestly with care, the responce is much better. And they will listen to your direction. If you are just frank and don't care about the other person's feelings the responce is hurtful and less likley to take your critacism. Allow yourself the chance to change them or help them to do or not do what you want. You will find life will be easier.

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