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Virgo Children

by AstroKid
(Sedona - USA)

Virgo Children

Virgo Children

Virgo Children Born August 24th to September 23rd - Virgo, the Sixth sign of the zodiac, is ruled by Mercury, the planet of reason, expression and dexterity. It is said, and with considerable truth, that love is blind, for were one to see faults in the beloved one the master passion never would find expression. Therefore the children of Virgo who are governed so much by intellect are not sympathetic, but inclined to be cynical, critical and skeptical of anything that is not scientifically demonstrable to the reason and senses. They are very quick mentally, though only too often included to "strain at a gnat," and though they seldom "swallow the camel," they get into a rut where they become narrow-minded and bigoted. They are rather lazy themselves and found of taking things easy, but they like to drive others, and can be very masterful with subordinates. On that account they often cause enmities of a lasting nature, but whenever they become friendly with any one they also make very good friends and treat their friends well. The Mercurial disposition infused by this sign brings many changes of environment and therefore new associations and friendships are constantly being formed. Virgo children are very acquisitive and always looking out for ways and means of bettering themselves financially, socially and economically. It may also be said that they deserve promotion for they are industrious to a degree where they see that a reward may be gained thereby. They are also very ingenious and versatile, fond of the study of science, particularly chemistry, diet and hygiene, and many among them become extreme food faddists. As Virgo is the Sixth sign these people take on Sixth house characteristics and are therefore very sensitive to suggestions of ill health, so that if they ever become enmeshed in the tentacles of diseases they frequently lack the necessary will power to extricate themselves with the result that they then usually become chronic invalids or perhaps rather they think themselves so, for it may be said that these people seem to resent any effort to cheer them up and get them out of the clutches of their particular illness, real or fancied. They seem in fact to enjoy bad health, and they are always looking for sympathy, though as we noted in the beginning of this reading, they are very slow to grant the same to others. If they can keep out of the clutches of disease, Virgo children often become excellent nurses and have a splendid influence upon the sick.

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Virgos are mystics, you can't just explain them but its good that you tried
by: 3September

Hello everyone
I'm a September 3 born Indigo child
I know things
I like what you wrote about us Virgos
But you can't just describe them under some set of identities or terms

Virgos are so much inside
Virgos feel so much
Virgos think so much because of this reason only


by: Anonymous

This is untrue, I myself am a Virgo and I grant sympathy to everyone, i do not get sick because i do not believe in it. Therefore my mind does not allow it. I am an extreme empath and i feel and understand everyone's emotions when the are away and near me. Though my mind is analytical, it is also care free meaning i do not always analyze every thing. Some things are because we create are own reality. We Virgos are highly connected with our higher selves and we rarely care about perfection. We help anyone who needs us and we sincerely try to be as helpful and pure as possible. You make us seem cold and distant when that couldn't be further from the truth. If you are not a virgi, then it is not best you write about us. Let us explain our own reality.

Do you know any Indigo Virgo Children?
by: Anonymous

Hi AstroKid. Do you know any Indigo Virgo Children? If so please ask them to answer the questionnaire in the Astrology Indigo Project under the Indigo People United section.

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