A Ghost, a Portal, and a Moonstone

by Rusty Paddock
(New Woodstock)

I saw all the ghosts in the room

I saw all the ghosts in the room

It’s Rusty once more, and I feel like I should tell you how I first was introduced to psychics and magic. I was at the friends of mine, from my chased by spirit story, and my angel auras and retro cognition story. I was sleeping over, and I had to go to the bathroom at 2:46 in the morning. I went, and when I exited the room, I looked over the staircase because I saw a slight blue light from the bottom of the stairs. I looked over and saw a full body apparition of a woman in a flowing gown, walking up the stairs, with a rose in one hand and a candlestick in the other. She was crying. I ran into my bed frightened, and pulled the blanket over my head. I peeked out of the blanket and saw the woman in the hall going into the mother’s bedroom.

I was very scared. I went to sleep anyway. The woman was very beautiful and had big, sad and lonely eyes. I didn't want to disturb her anymore, so I went to sleep. The next day, my friend, her mom, her brother, her sister and I went into the attic, where they showed me a ghost portal (portal between the human and paranormal worlds). I felt the side of the chimney where the portal was and felt energy coming off of it, then it stopped, then started again, and then stopped. I took my hand of and felt as if I were to fall over. I then fell onto the ground and looked around the room, and I saw all the ghosts in the room. I saw 16 ghost orbs (ghosts in the shape of orbs, often in different color to symbolize the different power of the ghost), 13 women, 20 children, 5 soldiers, 3 faeries, and 17 men. I think I might have also seen a unicorn. Nobody except me saw them.

The next night, the mother brought out her moonstone, good for Pisces to give them energy and happiness. I held it to the full moon, and it started to glow. I was freaked out, so I set it down so I wouldn't break it. I then saw little lights going around it. I wondered what they were. I lay down on the grass, and got a better look. I saw as the lights danced around the stone orb. I looked closely and saw that they had faces. Then a 3 inch creature walked up to me, and had me sit up. It walked onto my hand, and I lifted it to my face. It waved, and then left behind a small aquamarine orb in my palm. It also left a good amount of faerie dust. The dust was black and VERY sparkly.

This is all for now. Please comment!
Rusty :)

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