A Tarot Card Game

by Lulu

Me and a friend made Tarot cards yesterday afternoon and created a game with it. I'm not sure if it was already real or not, but here goes:

You have 5 different things that happen in life (We used Life, Death, Love, Happiness, and Friendship), and make a "Good" card for each one, and then a "Bad" card for each one.

Then, to play, you take your person that wants their fortune told or whatever, and let him sit turned away from you. You organize 5 piles, with 2 cards in each. (E.G. One pile is the good and bad of something)

The person picks a pile, and you separate the cards in the pile. He picks one of those cards and you put it (the card he chose) in one pile, the other one in another. He picks another pile, and so on until every card is in either the "Chosen" pile or the other.

When he is done, take the cards he chose and interpret his future.

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