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by Psychic Diamond

Have you ever said to yourself at times "why is everyone pushing my buttons?" Gosh, you could swear that folks had a serious vendetta! The saying of the day was "WHY ME.?"....Or perhaps you have had a time (say, it was when you were in love...) and it seemed like the world was smiling with you. You were floating on air. Everyone seemed to know where you were coming from, and they were trying to help.... even strangers.

Yes you were not imagining this. This has to do with your aura.


Your body itself does not stop at your skin's top layer or epidermis. It actually extends far beyond that. Some people's aura is as big as a mile wide! Many great spiritual beings have big auras like this. When you can 'feel' someone approaching, it is because their aura has already 'met' yours. We are all connecting and meeting one another like this. So, sometimes people who are more sensitive are noticing this more. I have many clients who ask me about this because they notice it strongly. Clairvoyants who have not sufficiently built 'filters' for themselves will get much 'information' about people without wanting it, just by being in someone’s aura. This can be very disturbing for them especially if the aura is negative or confused...'so what does that mean?' you might ask! That said, lets next talk about:


The aura is comprised of nothing but consciousness and energy. So if you are full of negativity...what do you think your aura is going to be like? You guessed it! It is going to 'feel' sticky, yucky. Well, it’s just negative...but most people don't like it. ;) That is why they call it negative. Negative auras are caused by negative thoughts. And yes, positive auras are created by positive thoughts. Simple.

So let’s say you are trying hard to think positive and yet you are feeling awful? So what is up with your aura??? Well, it’s not so simple. The aura has millions, millions, millions! of layers. You have so many thoughts. So it’s very hard to get to the roots of some of the thoughts. What about your beliefs? Aren’t those thoughts too? Oh yes they are! They are almost like a bunch of layers of the aura. You can think of it that way. What if you 'believe' you are bad. And yet you are trying to think positive. Kind of contradictory, right? This is why I say KEEP THINGS SIMPLE!! AND GET TO THE ROOT! Also, since we interact with people a lot, we are affected by their auras, their thoughts. It’s not easy!! That is why I also, when dealing with 'cleansing auras,' always tell people TAKE IT EASY because life is not so easy!


So what about when people take colored crystals and do all that aura cleansing? What about Shamans, what about fancy stuff. I say it’s all good. If it is good for you then it’s great. If your aura and belief system BELIEVES it enough, you will RECEIVE that blessing. It’s not the crystals. So, if you happen to be spending your last dime on it and you do not really believe - don't. YOU are the one with the power. The power is you. Inseparable.

Here. I’ll give you a free blessing here: YOU ARE PERFECT


You may or may not have many thoughts that contradict this. Many of your thoughts say that things should be a certain way. That perfection is this or that. But this is the truth. You are living your thoughts and you are a creator. You know this. So take it easy. And for this moment, get less busy. There is really nothing you need to be doing. You are doing it. You are creating it. You are really at the center of it. And it’s really completely perfect. And so are you. So start there. And you may find, that you are doing a whole lot more noticing, and a whole lot less being bothered. Because who you TRULY are, is now at the wheel.

We are SPIRITUAL beings having a HUMAN experience. And yes, although the aura is invisible, and people think that this is woowoo and stuff, it is still a part of the worldly; still part of our HUMAN experience. AND WE ARE SO MUCH MORE THAN THAT!!!!

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Jan 09, 2012
by: Spirit!


Dec 27, 2011
interesting !
by: Delphine

I agree and I don't ! There's always exception to the rules !

Yes, we are perfect and unique yet so similar !
We are pecfect at being impecfect and trying to be achieve to be perfect by others standards not even by our own standard which should be...!

I have yellow and pink auras yet my life has been nothing but negatif.... everything a happy thought , a positif hope, a good faith have brought me nothing but heartache and pain ! my believe system has been down everytime, hope has faded and I don't even think that positif anything will happen for me anymore , yet my aura is still bright colored..... !! so, what does this say to you ?

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