An Answer to Tarot Card Readings

by Lynda
(New Zealand)

Can tarot really answer your questions?

You may wonder ‘How on earth can a picture card predict your future?’

Although you may have also heard a ‘picture paints a thousand words,’ which is very true.

When receiving a tarot reading you may find alot of useful information which is beneficial to you. Some things you may find unimaginable from tarot. How could a psychic receive so much information just from reading tarot cards?

In tarot we do not only look up book meanings with tarot, we also take note of the images in the cards. We take note of the numbers, symbols, colour.....etc. All this combined we develop a story which creates a whole new meaning to one single card. Additional cards add more depth to the story and a tarot reading as a whole.

In developing our knowledge of the tarot we reveal answers to our customers. The more we are in tune with the tarot, the better an answer will be for you. On a different note, it is, of course, very important to take note that tarot is a guidance tool. Realize nothing is set in stone, we create our own destinies, than it is up to you to decide whether you decide to follow the guidance of the tarot or not.

Besides using the tarot cards we also combine what we draw from the tarot cards our feelings or gut instincts to determine what a particular card might mean. This makes for deeper insight for us and the answers we are able to give to our customers.

If you are interested in receiving a tarot reading, I am currently offering a $5 mini tarot reading by email and I am accepting paypal as a payment option. If you would like a tarot reading please email me at carlnlynz with the subject heading $5 Mini Tarot Reading.


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