Aquarius 2012 Predictions

Aquarius 2012 Predictions (January 20 - February 18)

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Versatile and adaptable Aquarians are in for a year of unexpected but pleasant surprises in 2012 and the chance to achieve what was believed to be impossible during the previous year. Positive energy abounds along with new opportunities in the second quarter of 2012 for those born between January 20th and February 18th, who should expect to be even more optimistic this year than normal.

Those born under the air sign of Aquarius demand honesty from those around them, and thanks to the influences of Neptune, have an uncanny ability to seek out the truth. A strong belief system and convictions coupled with an attractive, magnetic personality are typical of Aquarians who, at times, may have the tendency to be demanding, either of others or themselves. Because of this, make sure 2012 is a year of a willingness to make positive changes where needed.

  • Love and Relationships: Aquarius 2012 Predictions

Spend this year focused on family and friends, strengthening existing relationships and forming new ones during the third and fourth quarters. A personal relationship of some sort could prove to be less than ideal at the end of the year so utilize your great diplomacy and perceptiveness to iron out any problems.

A philosophical mood strikes during September as you even surprise yourself with your deep thoughts and better than usual reasoning skills.

  • Career and Finance: Aquarius 2012 Predictions

Career minded water bearers will have an opportunity to showcase their many talents this year, and with hard work and determination, a well deserved promotion or similar success could be on the immediate horizon. But, do beware of some possible friction in the workplace during the second and third quarters taking this time to make use of your excellent communication and interpersonal relationship skills to diffuse the situation quickly.

In matters of finance Aquarians could see business gains or an increase in salary or earnings at the beginning of the year. However, despite this boon early on, the second part of 2012 could bring about an increase in expenses, making it important to take advantage of the previous surplus.

Travel overseas is a possibility, either for career or personal matters, especially during the second portion of the year. If relocation is a result of a career change or a related opportunity in another state or country, make sure that plenty of planning ahead of time is on your agenda. This will ensure that possible snags along the way are avoided before they have a chance to transpire, which also holds true for both career and personal matters when it comes to relocating.

  • Health: Aquarius 2012 Predictions

And finally in regards to health, Aquarians shouldn't have to deal with many problems in general throughout the majority of 2012, except perhaps during the last quarter. The final three months of 2012 may bring about stomach-like ailments such as the flu, so make it a point to watch your health at the end of the year. Also, make time for rest and relaxation to ward off potential illness while keeping your mind sharp and focused especially close to the month of November.

Aquarius 2012 Predictions

Overall, surviving 2012 is a snap. Aquarians should expect to have a relatively pleasant and satisfactory year in 2012 devoid of any major issues or problems.

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