Aquarius 2018 Predictions

by Stefantastic

Aquarius 2018 Predictions for Love, Career, and Health

Aquarius 2018 Predictions for Love, Career, and Health

Aquarius 2018 Predictions for Love
A spirit of unity and peace will prevail all around you - in your family, extended family, close and distant relatives, as well as friends. A new level of harmony will be achieved and maintained throughout the year and possibly in the years to come. The stars are such as to prompt the most pleasant and well-intended interaction with all that come in touch with you. Your spouse (and children, if you have them) will shower you with love and affection. However, for those (still) single - things will be quite different. The planets are so aligned that those in relationships and those on their own will experience the exact opposite effects and, while those romantically involved will live in bliss, those single will be in for a rough ride. Only in the later part of the year will you be able to join those blessed with happiness, possibly through the agency of a new partner somewhat older than you. Their calm and serene nature will finally make you more grounded and in touch with the world around you.

Aquarius 2018 Predictions for Career
Due to favorable planetary placements, those native to the Aquarius sign will be able to perform well in their professional lives. Benefits of past efforts and investments will be ready for reaping. At last, you will be able to relax and watch everything fall into its proper place. Still, this doesn't signify that you should be perfectly idle. Quite the opposite. Be proactive and sure to open the door for any opportunity that comes knocking. You are likely to make new connections in the industry you are currently employed in. Tact and diplomacy will get you far and good relationships with (potential) customers and clients will be the key to survival (and success) this year. Foreign travel could potentially make room for your career to absolutely skyrocket and for you to reach heights you never even dreamed of. This is why you are strongly advised to take up any business trip offered and keep an eye open for opportunities. February and August are your lucky months.

Aquarius 2018 Predictions for Health
Your naturally robust health can be made even stronger by opting for (and sticking to) wise dietary choices. As for several other signs this year, the type of food you consume will greatly affect how well you are able to perform in all other areas of your life. In our day and age, food is the problem and the solution for a lot of our ills. You are advised to avoid foods high in saturated fats as your digestive system is normally unable to process them. This is particularly important for those already suffering from high cholesterol or fluctuating blood pressure (which in turn can lead to sexual dysfunctions and even heart problems). Prevention is the best cure and it is important to keep the good health you have now for years to come.

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by: Ian

Thanks Stefantastic. Very star savvy outlook.

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