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Aries - The Ram

Aries - The Ram

Aries - The Ram: March 21st to April 20th

The spring equinox, March 21, is the beginning of the new zodiacal year and the Ram is the first sign as it’s the first month of a new year, thus, is known as the sign of new beginnings.

Adventurous – Energetic – Pioneering – Courageous – Enthusiastic – Confident – Dynamic - Quick-witted

Selfish - Quick-tempered – Impulsive – Impatient – Foolhardy - Daredevil

Those born with the Aries Sun Sign are always looking forward. They are leaders in ideals and pioneers of advanced thought. The young Ram is adventurous, ambitious, impulsive, enthusiastic and full of energy. They are very open to new ideas and lovers of freedom. Rams welcome challenges, and will not be diverted from their purpose except by their own impatience. They are always prophetic, and love to predict things that will happen.

Element: Fire
Quality: Cardinal
Polarity: Positive
Planet: Mars

Positive Traits
Adventurous and energetic
Pioneering and courageous
Enthusiastic and confident
Dynamic and quick-witted

Negative Traits
Selfish and quick-tempered
Impulsive and impatient
Foolhardy and daredevil

As the first sign of the tropical zodiac, the Ram is seasonally associated with spring. This represents a strong, sometimes creative thrust and powerful expression of energy. The sign is governed by Mars, the planet of activity and assertiveness, which astrologers believe adds the traits of competitiveness, impulsiveness, and the instinct to act spontaneously.

Generally, the qualities of Arians are considered to be compatible with those of the other fire signs: Sagittarius and Leo, and to a lesser extent with the air signs: Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. Rams have a Low Compatibility with: Virgo, Taurus, Scorpio, Pisces, Capricorn and Cancer. However, compatibility based on sun-sign alone is considered to be only a very general guideline.

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Aries Children
by: AstroKid of Sedona

Aries Children Born March 20th to April 21st - Aries is the home of Mars, the planet of dynamic energy, and is also the exaltation sign of the life- giving Sun, hence it is a very fountain of life and vitality as manifest in the sprouting of the millions of seeds which break through the earth's crust at spring time and change the white winter garment to a flower- embroidered carpet of green, making the forests a bridal bower for the mating beasts and birds. This great vital force also finds its expression in the children of Aries; they bubble over with life and energy to such an extent that it is often very difficult to curb them sufficiently to hold them within the bounds of safety and common sense.

They are self-assertive and aggressive to a degree, always in the lead for they scorn to follow, turbulent and radical in all their thoughts, ideas and actions. They are venturesome to the verge of foolhardiness. We also find that they are greedy for the fruits of their labor, they never can get enough, and no matter how much they earn they are generally poor for they spend as freely and as thoughtlessly as they earn. They make splendid foremen and overseers, for, being so full of vital energy and ambition themselves, they have a faculty of infusing their energy into their subordinates or forcing them to work when necessary. But being too impulsive and reckless they lack the ability to originate for themselves.

They are serious and ardent in all they undertake; they cannot go into anything half-heartedly, and therefore, if they once espouse a cause, social, political or religious, they will work for that cause with all the vim and vigor of their energetic nature. But if on the other hand an Aries child becomes addicted to a vice the whole intensity of its being is turned towards the gratification of that particular part of its lower nature.

Therefore parents with Aries children have a great responsibility to set before them by precept and example the noblest and best form of conduct of which they are capable, for this is probably the most impressive sign in the zodiac, and the habits formed, the lessons learned in childhood and youth will generally cling to the person through life and make him either very good or very bad. Be particularly careful to inculcate abstinence from alcoholic liquors, for if an Aries child becomes addicted to that he is beyond saving and often becomes subject to delirium.

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